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You can update an ugly old thrift store frame and turn it into the cutest boho art in just a few easy steps!

Imagine this: you’re on the prowl at your local thrift store, hunting for the perfect frame for a project you have in mind.

You’ve walked away from several previous hunts empty-handed, finding nothing but cheap plastic or super fancy frames that won’t work.

Then, all of a sudden, it seems like beams of light are shining down from the sky, showing you the exact, perfect frame you were looking for. Success! Finally.

That’s exactly how I felt when I finally found this simple wooden frame. I didn’t carry it to the register in my teeth or anything, but I definitely had a big smile and a sense of satisfaction.

Thrift Store Frame into Boho Art Feature

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Turn a Thrift Store Frame into Boho Art Materials

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Thrift Store Frame into Boho Art Materials

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Turn a Thrift Store Frame into Boho Art Steps

Step 1: Make sure your frame is clean and free of dirt and dust. If your wood frame has a finish or paint, lightly sand it so the paint will stick better.
My frame didn’t come with glass, if yours does, remove and dispose of the glass carefully.

Thrift Store Frame into Boho Art Step 1

Step 2: Dry brush a coat of chalk paint onto your frame. Let it dry, paint another coat, and let it dry completely. Check the instructions on your chalk paint to be sure, because some brands are difficult to sand off once they’ve dried completely.

Thrift Store Frame into Boho Art Step 2a
Thrift Store Frame into Boho Art Step 2b

I love this particular paint color because it’s like it can’t make up its mind if it’s gray or beige, lol. Graige.

Thrift Store Frame into Boho Art Step 2c

Step 3: Use sandpaper to scuff up the paint a little so it gets an imperfect, vintage look.

Thrift Store Frame into Boho Art Step 3

Step 4: Print out the boho art on a nice piece of cardstock.
Note, you may need to resize the image to print, depending on the size frame you are using. This image is sized to print on 8.5×11″ paper. You can easily have it printed in a larger or smaller format at some place like Office Depot or Staples.

Step 5: Attach the printed art to a piece of thin cardboard (mine came in the frame) with some adhesive of your choice. I used double-sided tape.

Thrift Store Frame into Boho Art Step 4

Step 6: Insert the reinforced art piece into the frame.

Thrift Store Frame into Boho Art Complete

How easy was that? It’s amazing how a little bit of paint can completely transform simple home decor items like a Thrift Store Frame.

Turn a Thrift Store Frame into Boho Art Information

A change of paint type and color and this frame wouldn’t even look like the same one. Plus, since you can so easily find printable art on Etsy and on websites like ours, you can really customize so much of your decor to suit your taste.

Here are some tips for transforming your thrift store frame:

  • Make sure to thoroughly clean the frame before applying anything to its surface.
  • If you use chalk to mineral paint or even regular acrylic paint and don’t like the mat look, apply a thin layer of wax. It’ll protect it and give it a little sheen.
  • You could make it even more boho by covering the frame with decoupaged floral napkins. You could also add a few faux flowers to the frame itself.
  • Or, paint the frame a pretty green shade and cover it with faux flowers!

What kind of art would you use if you hunted and found the perfect thrift store frame for your decor project?

Transforming a thrift store frame into boho art is easier than you think and you can likely update it with supplies you have on hand!

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  1. This is the perfect frame to find at the thrift store. I always look through them to. Printables makes great home decor. Love the color of the frame & the colors in the art. Beautiful combo!

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