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I stopped by Target’s dollar spot briefly to see if they had anything new and quickly spotted these cute metal trays. I knew right away they’d make a cute Summer Sun Drink Tray so I grabbed a lime green one and a plain steel one. It’s funny, I was so sure I’d be using the green one first, but none of my vinyl and art combo choices looked right on it, so I chose the steel one because it goes with just about anything. I made this fun summer-themed Cricut project as part of a monthly challenge so be sure to see all of the other amazing summer Cricut projects below!

Summer Sun Drink Tray DIY Cricut Craft Tutorial

Summer Sun Drink Tray


  • Cricut Explore Air or Newer
  • Cricut Access
  • Yellow Vinyl
  • Transfer Tape
  • Weeder Tool
  • Scraper Tool
  • Drink Tray

Summer Sun Drink Tray Materials

Summer Sun Drink Tray Steps

1: Find a sun image you like in Cricut Design Space. I searched “sun” and found a great set of four called “summer stuff.” I think any of the four images would look amazing on a drink tray, but I chose the cool-looking sun.

Summer Sun Drink Tray Step 1

2: Ungroup the images and delete the ones you’re not using. Resize the sun image to fit your tray, keeping in mind the 11-inch mat limit. I made mine 10 inches.

Summer Sun Drink Tray Step 2

3: Cut the image on your yellow vinyl with your Cricut and weed out the negative spaces.

TIP: USe the scraper tool to smooth out any bubbles when you stick the vinyl to the mat, too. Bubbles may cause the cuts to mess up.

Summer Sun Drink Tray Step 3

4: Get a large enough piece of transfer tape and burnish it to your cut and weeded image with the Scraper tool.

Summer Sun Drink Tray Step 4

5: Carefully and slowly place the vinyl image onto the tray starting on one corner, burnishing the vinyl onto the tray as you go. Use the scraper tool to remove any bubbles.

Summer Sun Drink Tray Step 5

That’s it! You just need to add some refreshing beverages to your Summer Sun Drink Tray and you’re good to go. After finishing it, I thought about adding a stripe of yellow paint along that center ridge to add more color to all of metal. It was really hard to settle on the sun image and not the other three because they all look so pretty and eye-catching. One of my favorite aspects of all of the art is that they look pretty detailed and intricate (which leads to a longer time weeding) but it was actually super easy to weed. Which design and color would you choose?

Summer Sun Drink Tray Complete

If you like to make home decor projects using your Cricut vinyl, then you should check out my “I Do” Wedding Frame.

new be inspired

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Summer Sun Drink Tray Feature

5 thoughts on “Summer Sun Drink Tray”

  1. This is adorable! Can’t wait to make a drink tray of my own! Thanks for linking up at The Ultimate Pinterest Party – your pin is featured in this weeks party!

  2. How fun! This is perfect for outdoor dining during the summer. I recently got a Cricut Air Explore 2, so I’m happy to find ideas! Pinning.

  3. Ooooh, I love that sun! It’s so hard to pick a favorite design when they’re all so pretty! I’ll be looking around for something to put that sun on. Pinning!

  4. I would of picked the sun too! I didn’t grab the tray the first time at Target & when I went back they were gone. This is perfect for summer! Pinning!

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