Paper Tube Superhero Cuffs

I wanted to do a superhero craft that I was confident most everyone could do and took very few materials. So I came to this conclusion: every house produces empty paper tubes whether from paper towels or toilet paper. With this craft, I will help you repurpose/upcycle them! These Paper Tube Superhero Cuffs are super …

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Mini Bow and Arrow Favors Feature Image

Mini Bow and Arrow Favors

I never realized how many cute ideas could come from a mini bow and arrow set. They can be used for Cupid’s bow and arrow for Valentine’s Day, an Indian bow and arrow, or Green Arrow/Hawkeye’s for a superhero party! For Drew’s Lord of the Rings birthday, all the kids got to decorate a mini bow and …

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Chewbacca Wookie Wreath Tutorial Feature

Chewbacca Wookie Wreath

Aleisha called me and exclaimed she had THE best idea! A Chewbacca Wookie Wreath! She knew I had made other wreaths over the past couple of months and figured my table cover technique would work perfectly. She was right! As an added bonus, I had all of the supplies on hand except the PVC pipe …

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Bigfoot Cardboard Feet Feature

Bigfoot Cardboard Feet

One of the outdoor games we played for the Bigfoot Themed Party was the Bigfoot Race, which required giant Bigfoot Cardboard Feet. While I got the idea off of Pinterest, none of the pins seemed to lead to a tutorial. So I used my son’s foot as a starting point to figure out how big …

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Faux Wood Party Favor Bags Feature

Faux Wood Party Favor Bags

I made these Faux Wood Party Favor Bags for our Sassy Sasquatch Bigfoot Party. I wanted them to be cute, but to also have that woodsy, outdoor look like the rest of the party. I know that party favor bags and their contents can easily get out of control price wise, so we came up …

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Batman Party Feature

Batman Party

One of my son’s obsessions is Batman, so he insisted on a Batman Party for his 8th birthday. That was fine with me! I knew there were loads of ideas to try. He was very involved in the planning process and sat on Pinterest, pinning ideas he wanted to use. Since I’m not a celebrity …

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Easy Foam Lightsabers Feature

Easy Foam Lightsabers

For our Star Wars Party, I wanted to give the kids something fun to take home. I didn’t want to pay for the Inflatable Lightsabers from Amazon since we had so many guests, so I scoured Pinterest for ideas and finally found what I was looking for. The kids absolutely LOVED these! I had parents …

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Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain Feature

Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain

This Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain was crafted as a second party favor for Drew’s Star Wars themed birthday party. They were such a hit! All of his friends took them to school the next week. I will warn you that unlike the Princess Leia Polymer Clay Key Chains this one takes more time to …

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