Hawaiian Lei Wreath Feature

Hawaiian Lei Wreath

Create a beautiful Hawaiian Lei Wreath using a different technique than wrapping! After my church had a luau we had lots of leis leftover. I didn’t want to see them thrown in the trash so I took them home. Surely I could find a purpose for them, right? After poking around on Pinterest for ideas, …

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Santa & Me Chicken Wire Frame Feature

Santa & Me Chicken Wire Frame

I have to say, I’ve had so much fun this year looking for thrifted items to makeover. When I went to Goodwill recently to find victims for my Creepy DIY Halloween Figurines, I stumbled upon this random, weirdly designed chicken wire frame on a stand thingy. I have no idea what purpose in the world it …

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Creepy DIY Halloween Figurines Feature

Creepy DIY Halloween Figurines

I have been so excited to try the craft for this month’s Pinterest Challenge! Back in August I saw this pin for Haunted Thrift Store Figurines and couldn’t stop laughing. It’s a simple idea and they’re crazy easy to make, but that just makes them even more appealing to me. For my Creepy DIY Halloween …

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Wicked Halloween Sign Rehab Feature

Wicked Halloween Sign Rehab

Let me start by saying that I have absolutely nothing against cowgirls, especially being from Texas originally. But dang, this sign I found at Goodwill looked like it fell out of an ugly tree! I actually laughed out loud when I spotted it on the shelf for $3.99 and felt an overwhelming urge to give …

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