You can craft beautiful projects to use in your home or to gift to others
without feeling overwhelmed or fearing failure.

Have you ever wanted to try a new craft but don’t know how to get started?
Or maybe you’ve accumulated a bunch of craft supplies and don’t know exactly how you will ever use them.
Create craft projects you’ll love, that’ll make you proud to show them off to your friends and family.
You know you’ve spent money on craft supplies that have just sat on a shelf or in a closet, unused, at least once or twice.
And you know if you don’t figure out a way to not only start your craft projects but also finish them,
you’ll end up wasting more money and even more of your precious time.

Hi, I’m Marie! I just built my first home (yay!) and I’m decorating it from the ground up. I decided to include this exciting decor journey along with my existing love for DIY projects, crafting, and celebrations.

Elle Marie Home (formerly The Inspiration Vault) will continue to provide great DIY and craft project ideas and tutorials, I’m just expanding my scope to include home decor, home improvement, and more advanced DIY projects.

My best friend Aleisha and I started The Inspiration Vault blog because we both love to craft and make DIY projects. We knew with our powers combined, we’d be able to create a valuable service for you.

But life happened, lol, and Aleisha was unable to continue blogging full time. That’s okay, though, because all of her tutorials will remain on the site and she’ll still pop in when she can.

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