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Do you ever go to Goodwill or another thrift store hoping to find some great pieces to update and you actually find stuff? Yeah, I don’t visit as often as Aleisha does, so it makes it even less likely that I’ll find something good. So I was thrilled when I happened to wander into Goodwill after visiting Dollar Tree and low and behold, I found three, well I guess four, amazing items. I found a beautifully shaped dining share that I plan to repaint and recover, a solid wood stool I plan to paint, and these ugly candleholders. Don’t get me wrong, they are very solid and heavy and top quality, they are just finished in a way I find very unappealing, lol. Since I’m trying to slowly update my house from a forest of dark wood and earth tones to something lighter and brighter, I decided white was the way to go.

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Updated Thrift Store Candleholders DIY Craft Tutorial Std

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Updated Thrift Store Candleholders


Updated Thrift Store Candleholders Materials

Updated Thrift Store Candleholders Steps

1. Lightly sand the candleholders with the Mouse Sander. Sure, you can use regular sandpaper if you prefer all that manual labor. Be sure to wipe it down afterward to remove any dust left from sanding.

Updated Thrift Store Candleholders Step 1a

Note: It turns out that these candleholders are made of plaster and NOT wood, so I shouldn’t have sanded it like that. Oops. So make sure to check what your candleholders are made of before sanding!

Updated Thrift Store Candleholders Step 1b

2. Use Krylon’s chalky finish spray paint and paint two coats. Let each coat dry completely before applying another. I find that this particular paint isn’t thin and watery and doesn’t tend to run as long as you spray at least six inches away. Love this stuff! I used it on my Lavender and White Spring Floral Wreath and loved it for that, too. No, they didn’t pay me to say that, lol.

Updated Thrift Store Candleholders Step 2a

Updated Thrift Store Candleholders Step 2b

3. (Optional) Whip out that Mouse Sander again and distress a few spots on the candleholders. If you like your decor really distressed, sand more. Wipe off any dust left from sanding. After seeing and loving the paint results, I opted to not distress it at all.

4. Use the brush to apply the clear wax. Let it dry. The bottle says to let it dry 24 hours. Just follow whatever instructions your particular bottle gives you. I’m certainly not going to dispute Martha’s instructions, lol. You can skip this step if you prefer for your candleholders to have a super matte finish, but I have to tell you, the wax really gives such a soft, almost leathery feel to them and I think it’s just a beautiful finishing touch.

Updated Thrift Store Candleholders Step 4

That’s it! How easy was that!? It’s amazing how simple it is to transform something so…unattractive into something so fresh and beautiful. I wish I could transform all of my other furniture just as easily. I have managed to make some decor items like this Farmhouse Style Windmill Sign, though. So, have you ever tried your hand at Updated Thrift Store Candleholders? What did you do with yours?

Updated Thrift Store Candleholders Complete

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Updated Thrift Store Candleholders Feature

Updated Thrift Store Candleholders DIY Craft Tutorial Long

15 thoughts on “Updated Thrift Store Candleholders”

  1. These candleholders are so pretty and I love the shape of them. I also adore the design on them, and how they kind of remind me of scales or an artichoke, which is so hot right now. They are lovely; fabulous job.

    1. Artichokes, yes! I couldn’t put my finger on what they reminded me of and you nailed it. I feel like the white showcases their funky shape much better than that speckled brown.

  2. Your candlesticks came out so nicely. Loved the info on Martha’s wax. I bought a homely multi-colored candlestick that I wanted to spray paint black and dry brush with gold; now I’m not so sure about the black; white might be prettier!

  3. Oopsie, I’ve been there discovering wood was not under the finish. I bought a table and found out the top was a composite material after I stripped off what I thought was stain. Your candlesticks are so much prettier now it the shade of white you chose, versus the dark finish they were before. Now the color of the candles will really stand out.

  4. The candleholders look great. I was wondering about that chalk spray paint and now I know. I have some projects in mind for it. I can’t wait to check out the wreath you made.

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