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This Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain was crafted as a second party favor for Drew’s Star Wars themed birthday party. They were such a hit! All of his friends took them to school the next week. I will warn you that unlike the Princess Leia Polymer Clay Key Chains this one takes more time to make. They are still completely do-able though.

Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain Star Wars Craft Tutorial

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Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain


Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain Materials


I found that it’s easier to do all of the pieces that will be Flesh colored first, then work with all the green and then the chocolate. This will help keep the colors from rubbing off on each other. I kept a cloth next to me to wipe my fingers and palms of my hands off in between colors. As you make each thing, set them aside until you are ready to assemble. 

one: To start, preheat oven to 275°. Make sure to use the oven thermostat so you can guarantee your temperature is as accurate as possible. 

two: The Cloak – Roll the flesh clay out flat to 1/16″ thick. Cut out a rectangle 7/8″ x 1 3/8″. Also, cut the corners from the top two corners at an angle. (See picture of Step 12 for cut)

Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain Step 2

three: Arms – log roll the flesh to 1/8″ thick and 1 1/2″ long.

four: Find the middle of the arms and pinch flat.five: For the head, switch to the green clay. Roll the head into a round ball about 1/2″ in diameter. 

Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain Step 4

six: For the ears, roll out 2 balls 1/4″ in diameter. 

seven: Using a ball on a pushpin or a specialty tool, flatten then curl the edges of the ear and create a point on one end.

Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain Step 7

eight: Blend the ears to the back of the head. Blend edges gently. 

Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain Step 8a

Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain Step 8b

nine: For the hands, roll 2 balls to 1/8″ in diameter. 

ten: For the feet, roll 2 more balls 1/4″ in diameter, then flatten and split for toes.

Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain Step 10

eleven: For the body, switch to the chocolate clay and roll a thick log 1/2″ thick and 5/8″ long.

Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain Step 11

twelve: For the final assembly, wrap the cloak around the body and add the arms. Blend the back of the Arms to the Cloak.

Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain Step 12

thirteen: Place the head on top of the body. 

fourteen: Add the hands to the ends of the arms.

Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain Step 14

fifteen: Add the feet to the bottom of the body.

Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain Step 15

sixteen: Bake for 30 to 35 minutes. You will notice the flesh-colored clay will darken and possibly brown, slightly. This is because the green requires a higher temperature to cure. As long as your oven is set to exactly 275° it will not burn. *It is important that your clay cures because when you go to screw in the eye hook this is what can happen:

Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain Step 16

(I almost cried when this happened!) 

seventeen: Paint on the eyes and mouth. Let it dry. Only use acrylic paint. 

eighteen: Screw an eye hook into the top of Yoda’s head. This will make glazing so much easier. 

nineteen: Paint glaze over the entire figure. Let it dry for 24 hours. *I used kabob skewers to hang dry my Yodas.

Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain Step 19

twenty: Attach two jump rings and a split ring to the eye screw hook and you’re done!

Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain Step 20

That’s it! Yes, I know this Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain has a lot of steps, but if you’ve made very many polymer clay projects before, you know it’s fun and worth it. If you are making these for a party favor like I did, you can save some time by setting up an assembly line, making all of each part together at one time. Once you make a few of one, you’ll get faster and faster at it. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Yoda Polymer Clay Key Chain Complete

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