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Wood Fall Leaf Ornaments are the perfect addition to your Fall decor and they aren’t just for hanging on trees!

I found these super cute Wood Fall Leaf Ornaments in Target’s Dollar Spot for only $1 each plus this adorable acorn one. I couldn’t resist the price and for the size and as solid as the wood feels, one dollar is a steal. 

And while it would have been super easy to just cut some Fall Saying out on vinyl and stick them on like we’ve all done a few times, I thought it would be more fun to cut a stencil instead and use whatever color paint I wanted. This is perfect for when you don’t have the exact color of vinyl you want on hand or the surface isn’t perfectly smooth and you want to make sure the vinyl doesn’t peel off over time.

I think you’ll enjoy stenciling these ornaments as much as I did, so let’s get started!

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Wood Fall Leaf Ornaments Materials

Wood Fall Leaf Ornaments Steps

1: Open a new project in Cricut Design Space. Upload and Insert your Fall words image files OR you can use the ones from My Fall Sayings Project I found in Cricut Access. Resize them to fit inside of your leaf ornaments.
I used SVGs I got as part of a purchased bundle and I can’t share them, but you can search for fall sayings SVGs or JPEGs and find great ones for cheap.

2: Cut out the words on the Cricut Stencil Vinyl and weed out the inside or positive spaces of the wording. Since we’re making stencils, it’s the opposite of what you’d normally do with vinyl. Make sure to leave the centers of looped letters like “O” “A” and “E”.

If you can, spread the sayings out a bit on your digital cutting mat so that you have more space around the wording. This will help prevent painting over the edge of the stencil as I did below.

3: Since you likely won’t be using the exact same leaves I found, you may need to paint or stain your leaves before we put the stencils on them. You may also need to poke or drill holes into the stems. If your leaves are thinner, you could glue a few together and then paint the edges gold like mine.

4: Carefully place each stencil over each wood ornament and rub the vinyl down firmly against the wood, especially around the edges of the lettering. You will want to use some scrap pieces of stencil vinyl or even some masking tape as transfer tape on top of the stencil to make sure you get any loose bits from the”Os” “As” and “Es”.

Remember how I mentioned in Step 2 to allow for a larger area around the wording? This is why, lol. If you don’t do that, you can always just use some masking tape to protect the area outside the stencil vinyl.

5: Take the paint dauber and lightly dip it into the paint and scrape off any excess paint. The key with stenciling (for me) is to use thick paint like chalk or decor paint and lightly apply layers. Let the paint dry between each layer. Thin or runnier paint tends to bleeds under stencils edges. 

6: Once the paint is completely dry, gently pull up the stencil on each one of the ornaments. You will likely need that weeder tool or tweezers to retrieve the insides of those looped letters.

7: My ornaments came with jute cord but I chose to swap that out for gold ribbon to go with my other décor. Now I’m thinking I want to switch it again to a pink velvet ribbon. You should choose whatever suits your particular design aesthetic or color scheme, though.

That’s it! Now you just need to find a place to hang your cute Wood Fall Leaf Ornaments. I know some people like to place some branches in a tall vase and hang ornaments from them. You could also tie them on a long string and make a beautiful banner with them. 

Smaller art or objects like these are great for filling in spaces for a gallery wall display. But they could also be turned into door hangers or strung over cabinet doors. You could even use them as part of another décor craft project!  So how would you use these fall ornaments?

As for me, I hung these Wood Fall Leaf Ornaments up as part of my gallery wall display in my dining room and they look great with the other Autumn sign décor.

If you’d like to see how I made some of the other décor for my gallery wall display, be sure to see my Welcome Fall Pumpkin Sign and my Welcome Fall Cricut Shadow Box projects.

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I encourage you to view my complete Fall Home Tour where you can see my whole gallery wall and how I used non-traditional pink, gold, and cream to decorate my home.

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  1. What a great find! These turned out so cute! I love that you have a fall tree. I’ve thought about decorating a tree for all the holidays. I think the kids would love it!

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