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As my friends and family know, I’ve always been a huge fan of Wonder Woman. It goes way back to the 70’s TV show and then turned to the comic books and animation as I grew older. I started collecting a limited amount of certain Wonder Woman memorabilia as the years went by but it was always hard to come by. It wasn’t until the last five years or so that I started seeing a regular stream of WW products in stores. Fast forward to today, and I have enough cool items to decorate my entire craft room plus make some neat projects. Now as you can imagine, I am so beyond excited for the new Wonder Woman movie coming out on June 2nd. And as part of the Monthly Movie Challenge we do each month, I made this Wonder Woman Window Valance to add some fun and whimsical decoration to my wonderfully bright craft room.

Wonder Woman Window Valance Figure Collection

Believe it or not, that blue and white star “fabric” is actually a shower curtain from the Target clearance rack. I had the red fabric already in my stash as well as the yellow ribbon. The bonus to using the shower curtain is half the sewing is already done for me. Why undo already perfect seams? You’ll see below how I worked it. I want to add that I chose to use yellow ribbon instead of gold because red, yellow, and blue are the colors I’ve used in my craft room design and those are the colors used in the classic comic books.

Wonder Woman Window Valance Sewing Craft Tutorial for My Craft Room Reveal

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Wonder Woman Window Valance


Wonder Woman Window Valance Materials

Wonder Woman Window Valance steps

one: Iron the bottom half of your shower curtain. Measure 12 inches up from the bottom of the shower curtain. You will cut it all the way across on this 12-inch line. The stars should make it easier to keep your line straight. My final measurement for this piece is 12 inches x 72 inches. Honestly, I used my cutting mat, rotary cutter, and cutting ruler to get my straight line, but I know not everyone has those cool tools.

Wonder Woman Window Valance Step 1a

Wonder Woman Window Valance Step 1b

two: Iron your red fabric. Cut it into a 10-inch by 73-inch piece or sew two chunks together to make this size. Since I used fabric scraps, I sewed two strips together.

Wonder Woman Window Valance Step 2

three: Place the front of the red fabric to the front of the blue fabric and pin it along the raw edge of the 72-inch length edge, leaving 1/2 inch of red extra at each end.

Wonder Woman Window Valance Step 3

four: Sew the two pieces together making sure to leave 1/2 inch over the edge of each end for later.

Wonder Woman Window Valance Step 4

five: Flip the fabric over and iron the seams towards the red fabric. Then fold a half inch over and iron the other raw red fabric edge.

Wonder Woman Window Valance Step 5a

Wonder Woman Window Valance Step 5b

six: Now fold the red fabric in half lengthwise so that the newly ironed edge lines up with the red thread seam on the back. Iron the folded edge.

Wonder Woman Window Valance Step 6

seven: Flip the project over to the front and pin the yellow ribbon right on the edge of the red, leaving a little extra at the end like you did with the red fabric. I don’t like to sew with pins, but if you’re afraid the ribbon will slide around, by all means, use them. Sew the yellow ribbon onto the front, right along the edge of the red seam, next to the blue as shown. This stitch will also connect the back to the front, making a tube.

Wonder Woman Window Valance Step 7a

Wonder Woman Window Valance Step 7b

eight: On each end, turn the tube you just sewed inside slightly so that it lines up with the blue sewn edge. Sew this down and double-stitch it so it doesn’t pull apart later.

nine: Put the project back on your sewing machine and measure 1 3/4 inches from the yellow thread line, onto the red fabric. Sew a straight line down to the next end. If you’ll be using a really wide curtain rod, you’ll need to make this seam a little wider.

Wonder Woman Window Valance Step 9

Tip: Use a dry erase marker to make a sewing line right on your sewing machine to help you keep your seam straight. Then just wipe it off when you’re done.

That’s it! You just sewed a Wonder Woman Window Valance! With these instructions as is, your new valance will easily fit a standard single window. I ended up having to make two for my freakishly large window. No problem! I have enough fabric left over from that shower curtain to make another plus a pillow, two lamps shades, and maybe even a cosplay skirt. Not bad for a $5 clearance item! And yes, you could make full curtains, too, but since this is my for my craft room, I needed to keep as much window uncovered as possible for my natural light source. Okay, maybe the freaky big window is a good thing!

Wonder Woman Window Valance Complete

Check back this summer to see my completed Wonder Woman craft room, but in the meantime, be sure to see our other DIY Decor projects and follow our Craft Room Inspiration board or Sewing Inspiration board on Pinterest for even more ideas!

Now I am so excited for you to see and visit all of the other amazing Wonder Woman projects! I also encourage you to go see the new Wonder Woman movie in June. More female superhero movies will get made if we show up to the theaters in droves like we do for the other ones.

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  1. Great project! I’ll bet you are so happy with it 🙂 Loved seeing Wonder Woman in all her different incarnations in your collection, too.

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