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Welcome to the 9th day for the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop! Today we’re all sharing our holiday table settings. Since I’ve been slowly converting my dining room into a winter wonderland, it was only fitting that I feature a Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Setting. While I don’t have a major tutorial for you, I couldn’t let you leave empty-handed, so I made a mini tutorial where you can see how super easy it is to make pretty napkin rings with those glittered snowflake ornaments.

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Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Setting DIY Craft Tutorial and Feature

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Welcome to the third annual 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop!

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Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Setting

I would love to say that my family eats every meal in our dining room at our huge table, but that would be a lie, lol. We my kids usually eat at a round kitchen table in the family room, the kind that has a “wash at least once a week” tablecloth and hard floors underneath. Because kids. We do eat in the dining room for special occasions or sometimes for Sunday family dinners. But I digress. Regardless of where we eat, the very first room anyone sees when they walk into my house is my dining room, so I like to keep it nicely decorated.

Normally my dining room is decorated with warm, earthy tones and “world” inspired art and decor, so transforming this room into a Winter Wonderland was quite a feat. I started with the table since I already had a lot of the materials and decor on hand. I found the snowflake tablecloth at HomeGoods for only $20 and I love it because it’s cotton and not polyester. Sure polyester is easier to clean (see above round table description), but I really don’t like how they feel. This snowflake tablecloth also looks great with the rest of the room.

Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Setting Tablecloth

Truth bomb again, I haven’t made a firm decision on which of the pretty trees and other decor I’ve been making and buying will go on the table and which will go on the sideboard, so for now, I have selected a pretty, silver brush tree and a white ceramic tree I found at Hobby Lobby. I also added the White Flower Petal Cone Tree I made for day 5 and some white and silver glittery ornaments. I also found the silver candle pillars at Hobby Lobby. You’ll be able to see my final decisions when I show you my white tree (and the whole room) in a couple of days.

Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Setting Decor

The one thing that is firm-ish is the actual place setting. I found these adorable snowflake ornament place card holders at Hobby Lobby. I love them, but do we need them? Probably not, but I got them on clearance for $2.50. Maybe for fun on Christmas, I’ll write in ridiculous names instead of our real ones.

Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Setting Place Card Holders

The round woven placemats are ones I already had. I have two in every color of the rainbow plus more. I found the silver chargers at Hobby Lobby, but you can find them in just about every store that sells tableware. Michael’s had some pretty silver snowflakes ones and I’m kicking myself for not grabbing those sooner (only 1 left.)

Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Setting Place Mats

That brings us to the blue plates. Are you wondering why they’re all different shades of blue? Well, in case you’re not familiar with the design, these are Fiestaware plates. I have 14 place settings, all in different colors of the rainbow (like the placemats) plus other serving pieces, all in different colors. That darker blue is actually a cobalt blue, it just looks darker in the photos.

Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Setting Plates

And that brings us to the napkins. I found these poly snowflake napkins at Hobby Lobby.(Everything was 50% off, promise!) I folded them into a simple accordion and then fanned them out to make a sort of snowflake (maybe, if you squint) on the plate. I made the simple snowflake napkin rings in a matter of minutes and you can, too!

Snowflake Napkin Rings


  • Snowflake Ornaments
  • Silver Cord
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors

Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Setting Materials

Snowflake Napkin Rings Steps

1. Cut the little circle hangers off of the ornaments.

Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Setting Step 1

2. Cut 12 inches of cord for each napkin ring.

Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Setting Step 2

3. Fold the napkin in half and then fold it in an accordion. Wrap the cord around the napkin, back to front and tie it into a double knot.

Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Setting Step 3

4. Slide the cord off of the napkin and lay it down flat.

Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Setting Step 4

5. Put a dime-sized spot of hot glue in the center of a snowflake ornament and then stick the knot into the glue. Hold it until it cools (without burning your finger.)

Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Setting Step 5

6. Slide the napkin ring back onto the folded napkin and trim the cord if it’s too long. Lay the napkin on your plate and open the accordion on both ends to create a circled fan or “snowflake.”

Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Setting Step 6

That’s it! Of course, you can recreate this napkin ring with any color combo of cording and snowflake ornament. But if you want to recreate your own Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Setting, you now have all of the details you need. I can’t wait to show you the whole room and the whole table with my tree reveal. Everything looks so pretty together.

Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Setting Complete

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Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Setting Feature

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