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I might be slightly obsessed with cone-shaped Christmas tree decor. Every time I see or think of a new idea for covering them, I want to make them. Last year I made one covered in white flower petals and this year I made a White Pom Pom Christmas Tree using very soft white packaged pom poms from Hobby Lobby. I liked that I could get packages of all the same color and size, 30 for $1.99, instead of those variety packs. And would you believe, I saw a similar pom pom tree on Nordstrom priced at $67.49!? No way, José. I can make that myself thank you very much.

White Pom Pom Christmas Tree DIY Craft Tutorial

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White Pom Pom Christmas Tree Decor


  • 22-Inch Cone Tree
  • 300 1.5 Inch White Pom Poms (10 Bags of 30)
  • White Spray Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun & 14 Sticks

White Pom Pom Christmas Tree Decor Steps

1: Spray paint the cone white and let it dry completely before trying to glue anything. I just sprayed one coat since it will be covered in pom poms. The paint is just in case gaps show through.
Pro tip: make sure your cell phone isn’t near your spraying area…

White Pom Pom Christmas Tree Step 1b

2: Preheat your glue gun. Start at the very tip-top of the cone and glue on the first pom pom.
You want to start at the top because you don’t know how many pom pom rows you’ll have and you have more wiggle room towards the bottom.

White Pom Pom Christmas Tree Step 2

3: Now glue on your first row of pom poms right below that. Continue around and around the cone until you reach the bottom. If there doesn’t seem to be enough room for another row to fit, just glue the pom poms hanging off a bit.
That’s why I like the cones with a base better. If yours doesn’t have a base, hot glue a paper towel tube or some other tube to the inside to raise it up off the table.

White Pom Pom Christmas Tree Step 3a

White Pom Pom Christmas Tree Step 3b

White Pom Pom Christmas Tree Step 3c

White Pom Pom Christmas Tree Step 3d

White Pom Pom Christmas Tree Step 3e

White Pom Pom Christmas Tree Step 3f

White Pom Pom Christmas Tree Step 3g

That’s it! It’s only a couple of steps, but gluing on all those pom poms can take a while. I love my White Pom Pom Christmas Tree, but you could easily make them in other colors. I almost made a multi-colored one that looks like cake sprinkles and I still might. You could also take this up a notch and make your own pom poms out of yarn. I seriously considered doing that, but I liked the look of these soft pom poms better. They almost look like little snowballs. And of course, you could make a smaller version using far fewer pom poms. So would you try making a pom pom tree? What color(s) would yours be?

White Pom Pom Christmas Tree Complete

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White Pom Pom Christmas Tree Feature

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  1. So fuzzy, warm, and cozy! These look so pretty all together. Thanks for a great tutorial! I keep eyeing the pom poms at the craft store, but I think my husband will go crazy if I spend more on craft supplies right now. haha

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