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This Welcome Fall Cricut Shadow Box is the perfect addition to that decor and it just makes me happy every time I look at it.

There’s nothing like breaking tradition and doing the unexpected when it comes to seasonal decorations. I’m over all the earth tones and oranges that usually take over during the Fall. I started last year with my Easy Neutral Fall Wreath for my front porch and have continued it with my Autumn Wood Banner this year. In fact, my entire dining room has been transformed for Fall, but instead those traditional colors, I’m using pink, gold, cream, and white. This Welcome Fall Cricut Shadow Box makes me smile every time I walk in my door.  You can easily make one of your own in colors that fit your decor, though.

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Welcome Fall Cricut Shadow Box Materials

Welcome Fall Cricut Shadow Box Steps

1: Open a new project in Cricut Design Space and insert images for “Welcome Fall” and various leaves. If you don’t have Cricut Access or don’t want to purchase one, you could make one with your own fonts. I tried that but didn’t like it as much as this design.

I found that the wider leaves worked better for this project.

Don’t worry about the leaves being so much smaller than the wording. We’ll adjust that.

2: Select the “Welcome Fall” image and resize it to around 7 inches wide. Change the color to a yellow or gold color so Design Space knows this will be cut with a different material or color. You definitely don’t have to use glitter vinyl here if sparkly isn’t your thing. A metallic gold would look very pretty, too. Ooo, or a rose gold!

Tip: To change colors of a cut image in Design Space, select the image, then on the top left of the menu, you’ll see a small, colored square. Click on that square and you can then select which color you want. The colors chosen have zero impact on the image other than letting the software know you need to change mats or materials. I try to make them the same color as the materials to help me keep them straight.

3: Resize the leaves to about 4 inches wide and duplicate them so you have four of each leaf type. Make each of the three leaves a different color so Design Space knows you’ll need to switch out your materials.
Make each leave whichever colors you like that go with your decor.

4: Now insert a square shape and resize to just under 8 inches by 8 inches. Duplicate it to make two. Make sure to change the colors of each image type so it corresponds with the paper or vinyl you’ll be using.

5: Cut the words out on the glitter vinyl, the leaves out on pink and gold cardstock, then the squares on pink cardstock and foil acetate. Make sure to change out your material types each time you switch your mats to cut. Weed the vinyl wording. Slightly bend or crease the leaves down the middle.

6: Make sure the glass in the shadow box frame is clean and dry, then use the transfer tape to apply the gold glitter wording. You may need to burnish it to help it stick, but vinyl usually sticks to glass very well.

If you’re concerned with getting it centered, you can measure and make marks on the glass with a dry erase marker and do the same to mark the centers on the transfer tape. I just eyeballed mine, though, and it’s fine.

7: Put the frame face down and remove the back. Place all of the leaves face down/ crease down into the frame. Try to mix up the colors because once it’s assembled, the leaves won’t have room to mix around.

8: Take the pink square and stick it to the inside of the frame backing with double-sided tape or Glue Dots. I don’t recommend using liquid glue.

9: Then put a bit of adhesive in each corner of the foil acetate and place it on top of the pink. Insert the panel back into the frame.

10: Gently turn the frame right side up and let the leaves fall where they may.

That’s it!  Making this Welcome Fall Cricut Shadow Box was a great way to use different materials with my Cricut, but really you can think outside the shadow box with this craft. You could use little pumpkins made for vase fillers or even actual leaves, painted or not. Of course, all of that glitter is optional, too. Well for some people… And I’m such a huge fan of how shadow boxes give so many levels or depths for creating decor. They’re just a lot of fun to look at! So how would you make your Fall shadow box?

This Welcome Fall Cricut Shadow Box is relatively easy to make and is so customizable, each one can look completely different.

If you love the idea of using pinks, gold, and cream for Fall decor instead of the traditional oranges, yellows, and browns, be sure to check out my Tissue Paper Decoupage Pumpkin. That pink glitter I used is everything!

Tissue Paper Decoupage Pumpkin

And if you’re looking for different ideas for shadow box crafts you might also like my Polar Express Sleigh Bells Shadow Box tutorial:

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  1. Honestly, I’m not a fan of gold, but I’m loving this gold glitter. The gold and the pink are beautiful together. What a fun and easy idea. I see a shadow box in my future.

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