Warm & Cozy Camo Look Crochet Blanket

Have you ever tried to crochet a blanket and no matter what stitches you tried, it just wasn’t right? Or have you ever made a blanket and had to frog it so many times you lost count? That was definitely the case with this Warm  & Cozy Camo Look Crochet Blanket. Oh sure, it’s very warm and snuggly and my family absolutely loves it, but I’ll be honest, there were many months where it sat on the floor under my work table, unfinished, mocking me. That yarn should feel lucky I didn’t burn it. I wouldn’t do that to innocent yarn, though, it was all my fault and in my head.

So it made the perfect project for this Monthly Destash Challenge. I pulled it off the floor, frogged all 8 million balls of yarn and started from scratch. Four more times. My family said I was insane, that they didn’t care what pattern I used. Fair enough, but I certainly did. In the end, what I discovered is that with this variegated blanket yarn, it really doesn’t matter what stitch you use, it’s all about the softness of the yarn and the color pooling. But here’s what I ended up crocheting…

Warm & Cozy Camo Look Crochet Blanket DIY Crochet Craft Tutorial

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Warm & Cozy Camo Look Crochet Blanket


Warm & Cozy Camo Look Crochet Blanket Materials

Warm & Cozy Camo Look Crochet Blanket Pattern

Gauge: Single Crochet then Double Crochet (Moss Stitch) X 3 = 3.5 inches.

1: Chain 99.

Warm & Cozy Camo Look Crochet Blanket Step 1

2: Chain 1 extra, turn and single crochet into all of the stitches to the end.

Warm & Cozy Camo Look Crochet Blanket Step 2a

Warm & Cozy Camo Look Crochet Blanket Step 2b

3: Chain 1, turn, and Single Crochet into the 2nd stitch from the end. I crocheted through both posts for the entire pattern.

Warm & Cozy Camo Look Crochet Blanket Step 3

4: Double Crochet into the next stitch, then Single Crochet into the next. This is the Moss Stitch. Continue the Moss Stitch for the rest of the row, alternating Single and Double Crochet. You should end on a Single Crochet.

Warm & Cozy Camo Look Crochet Blanket Step 4

5: Chain 1, turn, and Single Crochet only for the entire row.

Warm & Cozy Camo Look Crochet Blanket Step 5

6: Chain 1, turn, and Single Crochet into the 2nd stitch from the end. Continue with the Moss Stitch on this row.

7: Repeat the alternating Single Crochet and Moss Stitch rows, 5 times, making 10 rows total.

8: Single Crochet 3 rows. (You could totally skip this part and just do alternating Moss and Single rows, for 114 rows total, it just might use a little more yarn.)

9: Crochet a total of 9 Moss Stitch/ Single Crochet row blocks, with a total of 8, 3-row blocks of Single Crochet.

Warm & Cozy Camo Look Crochet Blanket Step 9a

Warm & Cozy Camo Look Crochet Blanket Step 9b

10: End with a final Single Crochet row.

Note: For the blanket yarn, when I start a new skein, I hold the new and old ends together and tie them together with a simple knot, pull it very tight, then trim off extra.

11: At the end of that row, add two more Single Crochets into that last stitch of the row. This will create a corner and the beginning of the border. Continue to Single Crochet down the side of the blanket, putting one stitch into each row. Again add two extra SC into the last stitch and continue around all four sides of the blanket. When you get to the end, join the two ends together and chain 1 to begin a 2nd level of border above the 1st. You don’t turn the blanket over for this. I Single Crocheted a total of 3 border rows.

12: Tie off the ends once you’re done. The final blanket measures 64″ x 67″. This is a little larger than your average lap blanket, but we wanted something to cover us from shoulders to over our feet.

Warm & Cozy Camo Look Crochet Blanket Complete

Whew! I was SO happy to finally finish this Warm & Cozy Camo Look Crochet Blanket! Would you believe that once I started on the final run, it only took me three days to complete!? Yeah, I wasted a loooot of time being indecisive, but I’m happy I finally pulled it back out of my stash and finished it. The grey camo look reminds us of my husband’s Air Force ABUs and they make enough other colors of this variegated blanket yarn, you could find other shades to suit your camo preferences. There’s a blue, for instance, that looks a lot like the Navy’s uniforms. In fact, these would make great gifts for those special servicemembers in your life, either gender. No one is immune to the über soft blanket yarn’s charms.

new be inspired Be sure to see my very first crochet blanket using Bernat’s blanket yarn, the Santa Hat Crochet Blanket, it also uses the Moss Stitch. And as always, visit All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns to get loads and loads of free crochet blanket patterns, ideas, and more!

And now let’s see what everyone else made for the Monthly Destash Challenge besides this Camo Look Crochet Blanket!

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  1. Well just went to Walmart and bought this yarn..same as you used. Im kind of a beginner but i think i can follow this pattern..wish me luck..this is for my 16yr old daughter..she loves camo and soft blankets, so this is perfect.

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