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So I made the mistake smart decision of going back into Target’s Fall and Halloween seasonal section. Yes, of course, they have all sorts of amazing Halloween craft supplies and decor, but I was pleasantly surprised to see some Fall craft items from their Handmade Modern and Spritz collections. This Vellum Fall Leaves Vase used their packet of Vellum Leaves from Handmade Modern.

Even though I looked through their home decor section, I couldn’t find a vase inexpensive enough to experiment with so I ended up getting one from Dollar Tree. I was afraid I wouldn’t like the way it looked and didn’t want to waste money on a more expensive vase. As it turns out, the stickers look very nice up close and in person and had I bought one of the Target vases, I would have liked the final result more. You’ll see why below.

Vellum Fall Leaves Vase Craft Tutorial

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Vellum Fall Leaves Vase





Let me start by saying there is no way this could be a full tutorial when all you’re doing is sticking the stickers on the vase, so I’ll just be giving you some helpful tips for using these vellum stickers instead.

Tip #1: Be sure to clean the exterior of your vase with a glass cleaner so you can remove any oils and dirt. This will help the stickers stick to the glass much better.

Tip #2: Try not to touch the clean surface with your finger and hands as much as you can.

Tip#3: Try not to touch the sticky sides of the stickers as much as you can.

Tip #4: Start at the bottom of the vase and use alternating colors and leaf shapes, going all the way around the vase.




Tip #5: When you are going around the second time, don’t be afraid to let the leaves overlap a bit.




Tip #6: When you end up overlapping all the leaves with the remaining leaf stickers, avoid too many similar colors in one spot.



Tip #7: Here’s where I wish I had bought one of the Target vases. This particular vase curves out at the top as many vases do. This is just too many curves for the stickers to handle. They are already curving around the vase and wanting them to also curve out  the opposite direction is just too much and the stickers start to pop off.

The only stickers that didn’t stay put were the ones that had to curve twice. They rest have stayed put, even in the Florida humidity. I highly recommend using a straight-shaped vase will these vellum stickers.

Tip #8: Since the vase is so busy with all of the leaf shapes and colors, I recommend filling it with neutrals like the pine cones I used.


That’s it! I was excited to make this Vellum Fall Leaves Vase, but I can’t help but wonder if I’d love it more with a different vase shape. I also thought about adding some fall-ish colored stained glass paint, but I’m concerned it would make the leaves harder to see. What so you think? What would you have done with these vellum leaf stickers?


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