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Since I’ve been creating some new projects for my Think Pink Autumn Decorations, I thought making this Tissue Paper Decoupage Pumpkin in a matching pink and gold would work perfectly.

I wanted to use supplies already in my stash so I dug into my bin full of Fall craft supplies. I found a cute paper mache pumpkin I think I got at Joann’s, I’m not sure, but you can find these all over and on Amazon, of course. I also had gold tissue paper on hand and some chunky pink glitter already in my stash, so this craft cost me $0.00, well, at least when I made it anyway. Shhh…we don’t need to dwell on that.

The real superstar in this craft was definitely that chunky pink glitter! I wasn’t 100% thrilled with the tone of the gold, but I quickly forgot about that when I looked at the sparkly glitter. And I don’t think fine or regular glitter would have looked as dynamic as this chunky style. Team chunky, lol!

Now let’s see how simple this was to make!

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Tissue Paper Decoupage Pumpkin Materials

Tissue Paper Decoupage Pumpkin Steps

1: Paint the pumpkin with one thin coat of the gold paint. Let the paint dry completely. You could also paint it white instead if your gold tissue paper doesn’t look right over the gold. Test a small patch and see. I swear there aren’t two brands of gold tissue paper that are the same color!

2: While the paint is drying, cut one to two sheets of the gold tissue paper into 1″ by 10″ strips.

3: Swipe a line of Mod Podge onto the painted pumpkin vertically and then lay a strip of the tissue paper down on to it. You’ll want to work in small sections like this. Don’t put Mod Podge all over the pumpkin at once. It dries faster than you might think!

Gently smooth it out with more Mod Podge on the paintbrush. You want to make sure your paintbrush is never dry because it will tear the tissue paper.

Repeat the Mod Podge, strip, Mod Podge steps with the other strips until the pumpkin is covered. Smooth out any areas where the Mod Podge is too gloopy and thick.

4: Randomly (or not) swipe more Mod Podge onto the top area of the pumpkin, around the stem. In this case, you can do the whole area at once if you like, but you need to work fast.

5: Sprinkle the chunky pink glitter onto the fresh Mod Podge. I like to gently “pat” the glitter into the Mod Podge to really get a strong grip. Be careful not to découpage your hand, too!

I chose to apply the Mod Podge and glitter in small batches and layers. Try not to leave any “bald” spots.

Make sure every piece of glitter is touching some Mod Podge. You can make sure by turning the pumpkin over and tapping it lightly. Let it dry completely before the next step.

6: Now apply a layer of spray sealer over the glittered area. Mod Podge does make their own sealer spray but I’ve never used it. The Krylon one I linked to above is my favorite go-to spray sealer. Let that dry.

That’s it! I hadn’t used Mod Podge in quite a while and I missed that weird smell. Am I the only one who likes how it smells? The paper was pretty easy to work with, so I may try using it again, but maybe not in metallic. I don’t know, it’s like the gold kind of lost its luster a bit and took on a slight green hue, even though I painted a gold layer first. I just lightly brushed over it with that same gold paint once it was dried, just to give it the right sheen.

So if you were to try this project, what colors of tissue paper would you use from your stash? I can imagine a pretty orange tissue paper combined with some chunky bronze glitter would look amazing. Or even black chunky glitter for a more Halloween look!

Whether it’s pink and gold or more traditional Fall colors, this Tissue Paper Découpage Pumpkin craft is a beautiful addition to any Autumn décor.

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  1. I have to agree with everyone else, this is such a beautiful color combination! I’m not normally a fan of gold, but this is too pretty to pass up! Love the tutorial.

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