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Today we’re participating in a Dollar Store Craft Challenge several other crafty bloggers! This is right up our alley since we both love finding holiday and craft items at Dollar Tree and this thrifty craft is no exception.  Unfortunately, my house is low on Easter decorations. Christmas and Halloween are covered. I’m not exaggerating, I have totes and totes full of decorations. Sadly, we have only about three Easter decorations, so I decided to make a simple and Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece. The best part? It only cost me a few dollars to make thanks to Dollar Tree. Don’t you just love that store!? 

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Craft Tutorial

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Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece


Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Materials

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece steps

1. If you didn’t buy a filler that was the correct shape for your bucket,  cut or shave your foam form down to size. I suggest using a serrated knife. The softer foam forms may very well squish down into it without cutting.

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Step 1

2. After fitting the form or filler, hot glue the base to the inside bottom of the bucket. Be sure to use the low heat setting.

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Step 2

3. Cover the foam with Easter grass. I left a place for my bunny’s bottom to sit. This helped prevent it from falling out.

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Step 3

4. Put some glue on the bunny’s butt and place her into the grass. Note: I replaced the ugly bow around her neck with a pretty pink one.

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Step 4

5. Glue the foam eggs around the bunny and the base of the bucket.

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Step 5a

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Step 5b

6. If you want to add some height, you can also add a couple of Easter egg picks to the centerpiece.

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Step 6

That’s it! This took me about 10 minutes to do! I was actually shocked at how simple and inexpensive this was to make. Now my Easter decoration count can go up to five! Easter isn’t one of those holidays where I get excited to make or put out loads of decorations like I do with Halloween or Christmas, but if I keep making cute projects like this Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece, I just might change my mind!

Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece Complete

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16 thoughts on “Thrifty Easter Bunny Centerpiece”

  1. This is super cute! That bunny is adorable. I would love to make something like this, but I have a feeling my bunny might disappear and get taken by my children. Lol!

  2. Your bunny is precious! I’m also low on the Easter decor at my house, but I have been on a quest to keep decor to a minimum due to a smaller house and little people! 🙂 I saw many of the same supplies at my dollar store but would have never crafted anything this cute! Great job!

  3. Such a cute centerpiece. I like the bow change. I love all of the galvanized containers at Dollar Tree! I too am lacking in Spring supplies but have tons for Fall.

  4. A very cute Easter centerpiece and so easy to put together too. I never really considered using a stuffed bunny for a centerpiece, but I love it! Thanks for sharing. Pinning!

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