Thrift Store Thread Rack Makeover

It’s so much fun to browse through thrift store shelves hoping to find good frames or cute decor items, but sometimes I manage to find great crafty items or in the case of this Thrift Store Thread Rack Makeover, actual craft storage. In the same trip, I found this rack for $3.99 and one of those revolving paint storage racks that usually sell for upwards of $60, for only $3.99! Not a bad haul at all. Now, let’s see what did with that thread rack.

Thrift Store Thread Rack Makeover DIY Craft Tutorial for Craft Room Storage

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Thrift Store Thread Rack Makeover


Thrift Store Thread Rack Makeover Materials

Thrift Store Thread Rack Makeover Steps

1: I removed the remaining spokes on the top row where some others were broken off, but if yours isn’t broken, you can choose where to remove spokes to place your magnetic strip later on. Sand off any rough parts left from the spokes.

Thrift Store Thread Rack Makeover Step 1a

Thrift Store Thread Rack Makeover Step 1b

2: Place the rack front side down and spray paint the back. I was way too heavy handed with the glossy spray paint, so I’m glad I started on the back. My friend Kim over at Day to Day Adventures gave me some fantastic spray painting tips she used for her adorable Mason Jar Tissue Dispensers, but after I had sprayed the back, lol. Word to the wise, paint several light coats to get the best coverage. A lot of her tips are applicable for painting more than glass, too.

Thrift Store Thread Rack Makeover Step 2a

Let it sit overnight if possible, but definitely for a couple of hours for the paint to fully dry and harden.

Thrift Store Thread Rack Makeover Step 2b

3: Flip the rack over onto it’s painted back and spray the front in several light coats until you have full coverage. I let each of these coats dry for about 30 minutes each. You may notice a couple of darker areas in the paint. Those are the knots from the pinewood they used. I really should have used a primer coat to make sure I covered those up first. Oh well, next time. I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

Thrift Store Thread Rack Makeover Step 3a

Thrift Store Thread Rack Makeover Step 3b

4: Let that final coat dry for at least an hour and then spray a clear coat on it. The only clear coat I had on hand had glitter in it which I have no problem with whatsoever. Let that clear coat dry completely before you move on to the next step. I didn’t wait long enough and now I have fingerprints permanently embedded towards the top.

Thrift Store Thread Rack Makeover Step 4

5: Cut a piece of the magnetic strip to fit across your thread rack. Mine had an adhesive back, but I wanted to make sure that sucker wouldn’t peel off over time, so I beefed it up with some spray adhesive. Carefully place it straight on the rack.

Thrift Store Thread Rack Makeover Step 5a
As I noted with my Wedding Seating Chart project, that spray adhesive is no joke. Make sure to spray it far away from anything you don’t want to be sticky until the end of time. If you get it on your fingers, either accept that you are now Spiderman or go straight for the Goo Gone. Neither Dawn nor Clorox could get that sticky off. I’m pretty sure it’s called Super 77 because your fingers will be sticky for 77 years.

Thrift Store Thread Rack Makeover Step 5b

That’s it! Just add your thread and bobbins and hang it on the wall. I was excited to complete this Thrift Store Thread Rack Makeover project for the monthly Thrift Store Challenge. I think this thread rack was some sort of custom build judging from the craftsmanship and what I’ve seen offered in stores. It has some real heft to it and it feels nice and solid. I probably could have just replaced those broken dowels, but I liked the idea of having a magnetic strip to hold my metal bobbins and needles much, much more. I’m searching for bobbins every single time I sew, so I think this new rack will help me with that little problem. What do you think? Would you find a magnetic strip helpful?

Thrift Store Thread Rack Makeover Complete2
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  1. Haha, you had me cracking up with your spiderman comment. I had my hands covered in that spray adhesive when I made those Disney masks for my sister’s dance company. I love your rack and the idea with the magnetic strip. My new sewing machine sadly uses the plastic bobbins, but the needles and small scissors would have finally a set place.
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