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Are You Ready For It?

Welcome to The Eras Crochet Along!
Hi, my name is Marie and I’ll be your guide as we crochet our way through ten uniquely-themed eras.
In the middle of the night, in my dreams, I thought wouldn’t it be cool to create a blanket with different blocks
that use specific stitches and yarn colors to perfectly rep certain albums? Baby, let the crochet begin!

So How Does This Work?

Every month on the 13th, March through December, come back here to get your free instructions on how to crochet a specifically-themed block.
Each block uses different yarn colors and unique stitch patterns inspired by that era’s songs and album art.
You’ll return to this page each month and click on a link to that month’s block instructions.

I’ll provide yarn color suggestions below (plus more each month) if you plan to buy those skeins ahead of time but the stitch patterns used will remain a mystery until their reveal date.

Each month, the crocheted block tutorial will include non-abbreviated stitch instructions, notes, and details on how I chose the stitch patterns and the yarn colors.

Is this really free? Yes! Unlike concert tickets and multiple album versions, I freely give you the instructions on how to crochet this blanket.
I will be offering a completely optional printable PDF pattern for $2 each month that will include
a traditional, abbreviated crochet pattern, a crochet chart version, and non-abbreviated instructions like those found on the free web version. You’ll just need to buy yarn, of course.

Where Can I Find the Block Instructions?

What Yarn Should I Use?

The yarn colors you choose make up at least half of the era theme for each block, so make sure to choose colors that you love and that you feel represent those songs for you.

The colors I chose are what I felt matched the album art and what made me happy. I’ll feature additional color options within each block post.

Note that since I used Bernat Blanket Yarn, a #6 super bulky yarn, all the instructions are based on using that yarn. But I know many crocheters love and prefer using worsted-weight yarn, so I’ll also include any changes in stitch counts or sizing for that weight (using 2 strands) in the instructions. Bonus! If you have a good-sized yarn stash, you can shop your own collection!

You’ll need one skein of blanket yarn for each block and you’ll end up using about 50 – 75% of it on each block, depending on the stitch.

For the #4 medium/ worsted weight yarn, you’ll need two skeins per block, one for each color you choose, to be combined.
Use an 8.00 mm hook with both yarn weights.

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