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Teal blanket yarn works perfectly with this wave crochet pattern to create a peaceful, ocean vibe for this Teal Waves Crochet Blanket.

For this child-sized throw blanket, I wanted to try the wave stitch and since the little boy I was making it for loves green, I thought this dark teal would be the perfect yarn to make a Teal Waves Crochet Blanket for him. Wave stitches can be fun to crochet, you just have to develop a rhythm of sorts to keep track of which stitch you’re using. The upside is if you use the wrong stitch, it will quickly become very obvious when your waves don’t line up!

You will typically see people use two colors for the wave stitch so you can see the beautiful waves, but they tend to simply alternate the colors for each row. For my blanket, I chose to instead run a single crochet row in the solid teal in between each wave row to give the waves a 3D effect. I think it really makes those wave rows pop, don’t you?

Let’s see how I made it!

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Teal Waves Crochet Blanket Materials

Teal Waves Crochet Blanket 


Finished blanket measures approximately 50″ x 72″. 


1 Wave = 7.5 inches wide, 1.5 inches tall.
2 Single Crochet Stitches = 1 inch wide and .5 inch tall.


Chain  87 with dark teal yarn plus 1 extra, turn.

Row 1: Single crochet across all chains. You should have 87 single crochet stitches. 

*Row 2: Join Teal Twists Yarn, chain 1, turn. Stitch 3 single crochets, 2 half-double crochets, 2 double crochets, 3 triple crochets, 2 double crochets, then 2 half-double crochets. That’s one wave (14 stitches total.) Complete 6 waves across then end on 3 single crochets.

Row 3: Join  Dark Teal Yarn. Chain 1, turn. Single crochet across. You will notice that this row doesn’t crochet straight across like the first one did. That’s good, you want it to follow the same wavy path from Row 2.

Row 4: Join  Teal Twists Yarn. Chain 3, Turn.
Stitch 3 triple crochets. These triples should align with the 3 singles in Row 2.
Continue and stitch 2 double crochets, 2 half-double crochets, and 3 single crochets.
You’ll complete 5 waves and end the row on 3 triple crochets.**

Rows 5-81: Repeat rows 2 – 4, or from * to **.

Rows 82-83: Repeat Row 2 & 3.

Finish by tying off and weaving in all of those ends! (Soooo many ends…)


At the end of the last row of dark teal, chain 1 and turn.
Single crochet around the entire blanket once. Be sure to single crochet 3 stitches into each corner.
Join the last stitch to the first with a slip stitch and chain 2. Double crochet around the entire blanket twice. Be sure to add extra stitches in each corner to keep it from curling. You will need at least 3, maybe 4 or 5, depending on your tension.


If you don’t want to weave in over 160 ends from all of the yarn changes, you can use four skeins at a time and just carry the yarn up the sides of the blanket. It can be tricky keeping the yarn from tangling but I think it’s well worth it to save a heap of time. Some people like to split up the skeins into smaller balls to do this method. You can also clip the inactive skeins to the blanket itself to prevent tangling.

If you’d like more details about How to Carry Yarn Up Sides When Crocheting Stripes, The Spruce Crafts has a great tutorial on how to do it. The basic gist is to leave the first yarn attached when joining the new color, then when you’re back on that side of the blanket again, you join that yarn back in from the original yarn. It’s super easy to do, but not so easy to explain, lol. This YouTube video from Moogly does a good job of explaining it, too.

That’s it! This blanket was definitely one of the more challenging patterns I have designed and it took some trial and lots of error to finally settle on what worked best. But man does the final product make it all worth it! I call this pattern the Teal Waves Crochet Blanket instead of ocean waves because I think it would look just as beautiful in other colorways besides blues and greens. Don’t you agree?

The little boy I made this blanket for was so excited to get a blanket of his own and his mom said it’s now his go-to blanket to use for snuggling during movie time and bedtime. It makes me super happy to hear that of course and that’s why I keep making blankets for these kids and people I care about. You can, too! 

This Teal Waves Crochet Blanket is definitely one of my favorite afghan projects to date!

If you love crocheting with this cozy yarn as much as I do, be sure to see my Bernat Blanket Yarn Projects to get loads of ideas on how to use it!

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