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Whether it’s Back to School time or Teacher Appreciation Week, with that comes a bevy of super cute apple crafts for teacher gifts. We saw some creative apple marshmallows on Pinterest and felt inspired to make our own version, learning some useful tips along the way. These Tasty Marshmallow Apple Treats  make a terrific  gift for your favorite teacher any time of the school year.

Tasty Marshmallow Apple Treats Craft Tutorial Teacher Appreciation Gift Back to School


  • Large Marshmallows
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Red Candy Melts
  • Bowl for Candy Melts
  • Fork
  • Batch of Royal Icing
  • Wilton Leaf Green Icing Color Gel
  • Icing Bag
  • Wilton Tip #66


Step 1: Break the pretzel sticks into thirds.
Step 2: Insert a pretzel piece into the top of each marshmallow, poking a hole, then remove.

Tasty Marshmallow Apple Treats Step 2
Step 3: Melt chocolate wafers according to the directions on the package.
Step 4: Use a fork to roll the marshmallow in chocolate.

Tasty Marshmallow Apple Treats Step 4
Step 5: Scoop the marshmallow onto the fork with the pre-poked hole on top.

Tasty Marshmallow Apple Treats Step 5
Step 6: Let the extra chocolate drip off of the marshmallow by tapping the fork on the side with the marshmallow resting on the prongs.
Step 7: Push the marshmallow off of the fork using a pretzel piece.

Tasty Marshmallow Apple Treats Step 7
Step 8: Insert the pretzel piece into the marshmallow where you poked the hole, with the chocolate tip inside of the marshmallow.

Tasty Marshmallow Apple Treats Step 8
Step 9: Repeat for the desired number of marshmallows and let them harden on wax or parchment paper.
Step 10:  While the marshmallows harden, make a batch of thick royal icing. There are several good recipes out there. I used the one on the back of my meringue powder.

TIP: Remember, for thick royal icing, use less water and add more powdered sugar to get the consistency you want.

Step 11: Place the icing in an icing bag and cap with a #66 tip.
Step 12: Use wax or parchment paper to practice making the leaves. Start by applying more pressure at the “top of the leaf” then slowly move towards the tip and quickly pull away to create a small leaf. This will take some trial and error to get right. Watch a YouTube video if it will help. Once you have the hang of it, continue.
Step 13: Place the icing tip at the base of the pretzel and move to the outside edge to create the leaf.

Tasty Marshmallow Apple Treats Step 13
Step 14: Repeat for all the marshmallows.
Step 15: Let the icing dry and you are good to go!

Tasty Marshmallow Apple Treats Step 15

You can place the finished apples in a cute container such as a small basket or tub. We placed our Tasty Marshmallow Apple Treats in an oversized mug for Drew’s new teacher. She thought it was so cute!

Tasty Marshmallow Apple Treats Complete

For more adorable teacher gift craft ideas, visit our Back to School Inspiration board on Pinterest. If like these marshmallow treats, you may also like our Snoopy Marshmallow Pops.

Be Inspired!

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