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Last year, my son was very excited to make his Rocket Easter Egg craft from Target’s craft kits collection. This year, he was just as stoked to make this Superbunny Easter Kids Craft. I like that these kits by Spritz are easy for kids to assemble themselves, with minimal effort. Of course, the designers don’t catch every flaw, and sometimes mom and her glue gun have to step in and help save the day.  One of the things I love about this particular kit, aside from the cute mask and cape, is the serious look on Superbunny’s face. He is determined to save those carrots! My son also loved the little backdrop I made for Superbunny, so my fake grass is somewhere in his room, hopefully, to be seen again!

Superbunny Easter Kids Craft tutorial


  • Spritz Superhero Bunny Decorating Kit
  • Spritz Bunny Form
  • Hot Glue Gun (for Mom)

Superbunny Easter Kids Craft Products

Superbunny Easter Kids Craft Materials


Step 1: Peel off and stick on the ears, the mask, the eyes, and the mouth on to the bunny form. The mouth is my favorite. It makes him (or her) seem so serious about saving those carrots!

Superbunny Easter Kids Craft Step 1

Step 2: Attempt to stick the stiff cardboard letter “B” to the curved bunny belly. Watch it peel off no matter how many times you try or how hard you mash it down. Then, let mom hot glue it on. (No one will know.)

Superbunny Easter Kids Craft Step 2

Step 3: Peel off the white paper from the cape, leaving the sticky strip. Attempt to stick the straight edge to the curved bunny body. You’ll end up having to bunch it up some so it fits around the neck. Come back after an hour when it has started to peel off and let mom hot glue the two ends of that, too.

Superbunny Easter Kids Craft Step 3

Step 4: Stick the single arm on, then stick the green sprigs to the back of the carrot, then the carrot to the back of the other arm, then stick the whole thing to the bunny. These stickers are pretty darn sticky and have stayed put with no problem.

Superbunny Easter Kids Craft Step 4

Step 5: Tie the baker’s twine around the bunny’s neck. Just do your best, it’s not actually holding anything on.

Superbunny Easter Kids Craft Step 5

Superbunny Easter Kids Craft Complete

That’s it! Why do you need a tutorial for something that comes with instructions? Well, because the  instructions don’t give you very much information and don’t come with my handy Superbunny Easter Kids Craft “insider tips.” Besides, I want to help you try to avoid tears caused by a bunny losing all its cool bits. If you can’t find one of these kits, it would be simple to cut out foam, felt, or construction paper to make all the little parts.

Have you ever used one of the Spritz craft kits from Target? Which is your favorite? We love them in our house!

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    1. Thank you, Lisa. It makes me happy when my kiddos want to craft right along with me. And yes, Superbunny will be around for a while, lol.

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