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 If you’ve been following along with our Craft Room Challenge, you know I have a huge craft stash I need to use. While it’s unrealistic to think I won’t buy any new craft supplies this year, I am making a promise to myself to try and use up some of my current stash. There’s some great stuff in my craft room! So this Monthly Crafty De-stash Challenge is the perfect way to make sure I’m using my existing supplies for projects at least once a month. This String Art Monogram Letter is definitely one of those projects I’ve had on my to make list for well over a year. I didn’t need to purchase one single extra supply.
String Art Monogram Letter Related Projects
It’s part of a larger project I’ve been working on where I will show you 10 different ways to craft monogram letters and in the end, I’ll have a fun piece of wall art that says “Be Inspired.” My Chalk Painted Monogram Letter and Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter are the first two from the series. If you’re wondering why this letter is yellow of all colors and why the others are red, white, and blue, it’s because my craft room is Wonder Woman themed. You’ll want to check that out, too, once I’m done.

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String Art Monogram Letter DIY Craft Tutorial

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String Art Monogram Letter


 String Art Monogram Letter Materials

String Art Monogram Letter Steps

1. Paint the front and sides of your canvas monogram letter in the color of your choice.
String Art Monogram Letter Step 1
2.  Stick the quilting pins into the front edge of the entire perimeter of your canvas letter, 1/2 inch apart. You won’t be able to get them in on the very edge, so you’ll need to test and see how far in to stick the pins. The pins should be sticking up from the canvas just a bit.
String Art Monogram Letter Step 2a
String Art Monogram Letter Step 2b
3. Tie off and knot one end of your crochet string onto one of the pins stuck in the canvas, a bottom corner works best. Leave the string tail for later.
String Art Monogram Letter Step 3
4. Wrap the string around the pins in a random pattern to provide pretty full coverage of the letter. If you’d prefer to wrap the string in a more organized pattern, go for it!
String Art Monogram Letter Step 4
5.  Work your way back to the starting point and tie off and knot that string end with your beginning string end then trim off the extra.
String Art Monogram Letter Step 5
That’s it! This String Art Monogram Letter was a lot of fun to make. I like that I didn’t have to hammer in a million little nails, too! Of course, you have to be careful of putting too much pressure on your fingertips when doing projects like this so they don’t go numb like with spray paint cans. A metal thimble would be helpful, I’d think. I love how customizable this project is for you guys! You could make this in any color scheme or even make it metallic. How would you make yours?
String Art Monogram Letter Complete
If you’d love to see a whole range of DIY home decor ideas, you’ll have to check out DIY Idea Center. I always find so much inspiration over there.

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10 thoughts on “String Art Monogram Letter”

  1. Hey Marie, I love how this letter turned out, too! So far only genious ideas, can’t wait what the other 7 monogram letters will turn out. I really should start on a similar Project, too.

  2. I like the idea of your Wonder Woman themed craft room. 🙂 My kids would enjoy making one of these string art decorations with the first letter of their name.

  3. Marie, this is really cool and bright! I’m seeing lots of string art around and honestly, it looks like so much fun, and easy too. Glad you gave the tutorial. It’s on my list of things to try, and I like some of your others too. Pinned.

  4. I like your idea of making all of the letters different. I am also looking forward to seeing your Wonder Woman themed craft room. I haven’t given my craft room a theme but that sounds like so much fun. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from the blog hop.

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