Sporty Color Block Crochet Blanket

This kid-sized Sporty Color Block Crochet Blanket was a cinch to make and is easily adaptable for larger sizes. I used a modified Griddle Stitch or Lemon Peel Stitch again because it looks so good with this blanket yarn and creates a lovely texture. These colors are 100% University of Florida Gators colors because the little boy I made this for is a huge Gators fan, but this blanket can easily be made in any school colors you choose. 

Sporty Color Block Crochet Blanket DIY Craft Tutorial Using Griddle Stitch

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Sporty Color Block Crochet Blanket


Sporty Color Block Crochet Blanket Materials

Sporty Color Block Crochet Blanket


Approximately 46″ x 52″ finished


6 Alternating Single Crochet/ Half Double Crochets = 3 Inches

3 Rows = 2 Inches, 20 Rows = 11 inches

Sporty Color Block Crochet Blanket 20 Rows

Sporty Color Block Crochet Blanket Folded Orange


Chain 80 of the Blue Yarn.

Row 1: Chain one extra, turn and Single Crochet into the 2nd Chain from the end.

Half Double Crochet into the next Chain. Alternate Single and Half Double Crochet Stitches to the end. Your last Stitch should be a Half Double Crochet. These alternating stitches are the modified Griddle Stitch.

Rows 2-20: Start each row with a Chain 1 and Single Crochet. End each row with a Half Double Crochet for 20 Rows. Make sure to count your stitches periodically to make sure you still have 80 Stitches across.

Row 21: In the very last Half Double Crochet of Row 20, stop the Stitch when you have 3 Loops on your hook and then draw the end of the Orange Yarn through all 3 Loops. Chain one, turn and complete the row with the Modified Griddle Stitch.

Rows 22-40: Crochet 20 total rows of Orange Yarn. Change color back to blue at the end of Row 40.

Rows 41-60: Same as Rows 2-20.

Rows 61-80: Same as Rows 22-40. At the end of the last Half Double Crochet, join the Blue Yarn to finish the stitch. 


Row 1: Chain 1 from the end of Row 80, turn. Single Crochet to the ending Single Crochet below. Single Crochet 3 times into that last stitch. This will create a corner. As you Single Crochet along the side of the blanket, remember to add one Single Crochet to every Single Crochet stitch and two Single Crochets to every Half Double Crochet. Add 3 Single Crochets to every corner. When you reach the end, add a slip stitch to that first border stitch and chain 2.

Row 2: From the Chain 2, Half Double Crochet into each Single Crochet around the entire blanket. For the corners, you only need to add 2 Half Double Crochets. If the blanket seems to curl, go ahead and use 3. It depends on your tension with this blanket yarn.

Tie off and weave in any ends.

Sporty Color Block Crochet Blanket Complete

Sporty Color Block Crochet Blanket Folded Blue

That’s it! I was super pleased with the texture of this Sporty Color Block Crochet Blanket and I love how well the blue and orange go together. So what colors would your sporty blanket have in it? I feel torn between two schools so I’d have to choose between Blue & Grey or Green, White & Gold. Oh, or I could make a house divided, half and half blanket!

Sporty Color Block Crochet Blanket Held


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