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I was inspired to make these Sparkly Fall Leaf Napkin Rings for fall and Thanksgiving because, well, I didn’t have any napkin rings. You’ve probably already guessed I enjoy making my own holiday decorations, so why should these rings be any different, right? I didn’t just make these, though, I made three other types I will show you later this month. I even got the kiddo in on the action on one of them.

These supplies are super easy to find, too. I just saw loose fall leaves at Dollar Tree and everything else can be found just about anywhere they sell craft supplies. If you’d rather shop online, I’ve helped you by adding links to find the stuff on Amazon. Ahhh, internet shopping is the best!


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Sparkly Fall Leaf Napkin Rings




One: Punch two holes in each leaf, about and inch or so from the left and right sides, centered.


Two: Squeeze about a dime’s worth of gold glitter glue onto the base of a leaf.


Three: Use the paintbrush to spread the glitter glue out from that point so that it gets thinner towards the edges. Try to make sure it isn’t thick in any places or it will take forever to dry.


Four: Let the leaf dry completely. A blow dryer on the cold setting can help speed up the process.


Five: Cut 12 to 18 inches of gold ribbon, depending on how big you want your bow. I cut mine at 12 inches.


Six: Weave the ribbon through the punched slots. You will weave both ends towards the back of the leaf for a back-facing bow or both ends towards the front of the leaf for a forward-facing bow.



Seven-a: (Back-facing Bow) Tie a small bow on the back of the napkin.



Seven-b: (Front-facing Bow) Tie a small bow on top of the leaf.


That’s it! These Sparkly Fall Leaf Napkin Rings gives you a more glam look for your table but don’t take that much time to make and give you lots of bang for a just a few bucks. You could easily use different colors of leafs and brighter sparkly ribbon to change up the look and add character your fall table decor.


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2 thoughts on “Sparkly Fall Leaf Napkin Rings”

  1. Oh my goodness I love this idea! You are a genius! I never would have thought to put a hold punch in the leaf to make napkin rings. I bet your kids had fun making these. I can’t wait to see the other types you made. Pinning!
    Julie @ Love My Simple Home

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