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I have to tell you, I am very pleased with how this Sparkling Floral Springtime Banner turned out. I love that it is light and feminine and has subtle metallic elements to it. See, in my house, our decor is pretty dark with dark wood and brown leather and tons of earth tones and Asian influences. Kind of a “global” look. This banner is like a breath of fresh air in my entryway. While my house seems to always be screaming “Fall,” in my mind I’m screaming “give me shabby chic or Cape Cod.” In the meantime, this banner makes me happy. I am so ready for winter to be over and for Spring to make its debut. Who’s with me?

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Sparkling Floral Springtime Banner Spring Craft Tutorial

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This tutorial is also part of a Craft Lightning Challenge where we create a craft that takes 15 minutes or less to make, using the assigned material. This week is felt and that worked for me because I have tons of felt sheets and pieces like these felt flowers. Any craft that allows me to use up some of my stash is a huge hit with me! Let’s see how easy it is to make.

Sparkling Floral Springtime Banner


Sparkling Floral Springtime Banner Materials

Sparkling Floral Springtime Banner Materials2

Sparkling Floral Springtime Banner steps

one: Assemble the felt flowers from your kit or cut six large and one small of a daisy-shaped flower with eight petals, OR use Felt Circles. If you have a Cricut Explore, you can easily find a free cut file in Cricut Design Space. I know I showed tacky glue above, but you really need to use hot glue for these. You basically fold them in half and hot glue one spot in the middle, then once it’s cooled, flip one side over to create a sort of cup. Then you glue the four pieces together and glue the little one in the middle.

Sparkling Floral Springtime Banner Step 1a

Sparkling Floral Springtime Banner Step 1b

Pro Tip: Hot Glue is HOT! Use a clothespin to clamp down on the felt until the glue cools. OR use these cool things.

Sparkling Floral Springtime Banner Tip

two: Add gold glitter glue to the edges of some of the flower petals. Let the glitter dry completely before you use them.

Sparkling Floral Springtime Banner Step 2

three: While that glitter glue is drying, stick the gold letters onto the ribbon banner pieces, two letters per piece. I could have just spelled SPRING, but I thought the packaging words “8 Pieces” meant 8 panels and not 7 panels and some string. If you have more panels, by all means just spell SPRING. Felt Letters would work great for this part, too.

Sparkling Floral Springtime Banner Step 3

four: Hot glue the felt flowers onto ribbon banner pieces. I hot glued the center and then the top edge of the flowers so they wouldn’t tilt forward from the weight.

Sparkling Floral Springtime Banner Step 4

five: Cut 6 feet of pink ribbon or raffia and string all of the ribbon banner pieces onto it. You want to space the pieces so that they match the distance of the two letters on each banner piece.

Sparkling Floral Springtime Banner Step 5

That’s it! If you’ve read many of my tutorials, you know I love to take these craft and party kits and turn them into something completely different. One of the surprising elements of this Sparkling Floral Springtime Banner project was how incredibly sticky those metallic sticker letters were. I planned on using tacky glue to help keep them on, but even after peeling them off and resticking them several times, they aren’t going anywhere. I’m also in love with those felt flowers. I’m thinking about attempting a much larger one, but we’ll see, lol.

Sparkling Floral Springtime Banner Complete


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    1. Thank you, Angie, I’m so happy I didn’t use the felt letters I had originally picked out. I like the metallic element these add to the banner much more.

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