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Everyone loves the Peanuts gang in some form or another. I personally don’t care for the shows or movies, but I like the cartoon strips. Since the newest movie release, Peanuts has been given new life with this current generation of children. Snoopy is showing up everywhere, even as a party theme! How cute would these Snoopy Marshmallow Pops be at a party!?

Snoopy Marshmallow Pops Feature

Snoopy Marshmallow Pops Materials

  • White Chocolate Candy Melts
  • Mini Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips
  • Mini Oreos
  • Jumbo Marshmallows (2 ½ per Snoopy)
  • Red Shoestring Licorice or Red Pull-n-Peel Twizzlers, Separated into Strings
  • Black Candy Melts or Black Chocolate Candy Writer
  • 11-inch Sucker Sticks

Snoopy Pops Materials

Snoopy Marshmallow Pops Instructions

Step 1: Before you begin building your Snoopy, you need to cut and separate the mini Oreos. It is okay if some have icing and others don’t. Set them aside for Step 13.

TIP: The easiest way I found to cut the Oreos was to hold the knife at a slight angle to cut them in half. If you hold the knife perpendicular to the cookie you have a greater chance of the bottom piece breaking.

Step 2: Cut one jumbo marshmallow in half long ways. (You will use one-half per Snoopy.)

Snoopy Pops Step 2
Step 3: Slide the one-half onto the sucker stick about 1 inch from the top of the stick. You want the cut “sticky” side down. Stick placement on the marshmallow should be towards the back side. This is the “feet”.
Step 4: Melt white chocolate according to the directions on the package.
Step 5: Add a little white chocolate to the top of the “feet”.

Snoopy Pops Step 5
Step 6: Insert the stick into a whole marshmallow, directly in the center. This is the “body”.
Step 7: Add a little white chocolate to the top of that marshmallow.

Snoopy Pops Step 7
Step 8: Insert the stick into another whole marshmallow. This time, turn the marshmallow on its side and insert towards the back. This is the “head”.

Snoopy Pops Step 8
Step 9: Cover entire Snoopy with white chocolate and let excess drip off.
Step 10: While it is still warm and sticky, wrap licorice string around the “neck” portion. I used my fingernail to cut off the extra once it was wrapped all the way around.

Snoopy Pops Step 10
Step 11: Hold the two ends down until they stay in place.
Step 12: Add a mini chocolate chip, tip down, onto the top to tip of the marshmallow “head”.

Snoopy Pops Step 12
Step 13: Find two Oreo pieces that are similar in size and add one to each side of the “head”.

Snoopy Pops Step 13
Step 14: Prop each pop up so it can dry without the chocolate touching anything.
Step 15: Once chocolate is dry add the “eyes” to each side of the “head” near the ears. If using melted chocolate, create the eyes using the handle tip of a paint brush.

Snoopy Pops Step 15
Step 16: Let the “eyes” dry and you’re done!

Snoopy Pops Step 16

Be sure to check out our Peanuts Party Inspiration board on Pinterest for even more ideas! If you like these, you’ll love our Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops, too.

Be inspired!

Snoopy Marshmallow Pops Tutorial Peanuts Party

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