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I love seeing all the tassels being used in decor items these days, so when I saw these, I knew I had to make this Shimmering Red & Pink Tassel Garland for my Valentine’s Day Decor.

I think I found these fun tassels I found in Target’s dollar spot section originally, but I found some great alternative’s from Amazon, listed below. You can also find all of these supplies at your local craft store. I you can’t find tassels and/ or you want to add a little more craftiness to your garland, you could make your own tassels using embroidery floss. That way you could easily add a few threads of gold into the mix as well. At first, my plan was to just use plain yarn, but when I saw the threads of metallic pink, red and gold mixed in, I knew I had to make that shimmer a stand-out feature. So I made sure to use metallic ribbon to accentuate the gold in the tassels.

Also, depending on your decorating color scheme, this would look so cute all year round, not just on Valentine’s Day. Of course, you can make this garland in any color scheme to suit your tastes. You could even make the entire garland out of jute cord for a rustic look or white and beige thread or yarn for a neutral look. This is why crafting is so much fun, right?

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Shimmering Red & Pink Tassel Garland Materials

Shimmering Red & Pink Tassel Garland Steps

1: Measure out and cut six feet of the red and gold ribbon. If the space you are looking to decorate is larger or smaller than four to five feet across, you can easily just add more or less ribbon for the base.

2: Measure out and cut 24, 3-inch pieces of the gold ribbon. Of course, If you’re making a larger or smaller garland, just add or remove the number of tassels you’ll be using. If it helps you calculate how many you’ll need, I placed my tassels every six inches.

3: Fold the red ribbon in half to find the center. Tie 12 tassels to each 3-foot side of the red ribbon with the gold ribbon pieces. The tassels will be super easy to slide around and adjust, so don’t fuss too much with your spacing just yet.

Since my gold ribbon has some grit to it, I only had to use one simple knot. If your gold ribbon is slippery, you may need to double knot it.

4: Continue tying on all of your tassels, making sure to knot them on snuggly.

That’s it! Seriously, how easy is this Shimmering Red & Pink Tassel Garland tutorial? Now, since you likely weren’t able to grab some of these tassels like I did, you can easily make your own instead, as I mentioned above. If you need some ideas or instructions for making tassels, check out these DIY Tassel Earrings and DIY Tassel & Pom Pom Baby Mobile tutorials from Menucha at Moms and Crafters to see how to make either one. Stores sell yarn with metallic elements in it as well as metallic embroidery floss. You could also use a Tassel Maker to help you create beautiful tassels if you don’t want to try it freehand.

Whether you choose to make your own tassels or buy them premade, you can easily make this Shimmering Red & Pink Tassel Garland for yourself and add a pretty, feminine element to your Valentine’s Day decor.

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