Santa Hat Crochet Blanket

I’m not sure how I came up with the idea for a Santa Hat Crochet Blanket, but once I had it in my mind, I knew I had to make it. When I saw a piece about crocheting the moss stitch, I had one of those light bulb moments and knew that was the perfect stitch for this project. Then, Joann had the perfect Bernat Blanket yarn on sale on black Friday and it was a done deal. They had the exact perfect shade of red (exclusive to Joann) and then I grabbed the pure white from the baby blanket section.

Before we get to the tutorial, I need to warn the professional crochet people reading this. I do not like crochet patterns. It is nearly impossible for me to understand or follow them. I’ve been crocheting since I was a little girl, but I’ve always learned stitches by watching people and now by watching videos. My brain just has a hard time processing all the abbreviations and crochet shorthand. Patterns may as well say 8 lkshjerf 23 kah 17 aoli 42 uerilsj, because that’s what I see, lol. So to be fair, here’s the video that taught me the moss stitch I used for this Santa Hat Crochet Blanket.

Santa Hat Crochet Blanket Craft Tutorial Including Pattern Moss Stitch

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Santa Hat Crochet Blanket




one: Use your large crochet hook to chain stitch 90 with the white yarn.


two: Chain one extra, flip it over and single crochet into the second chain from the end. Then half double crochet into the next chain, single crochet in the next, then half double again, over and over. This is the moss stitch. Do this stitch for 8 rows in the white. Remember to chain one extra at the end of each row before you flip it.


three: At the end of the last white row, for that extra chain at the end, loop in the red yarn instead.


four: Crochet the moss stitch with all five skeins of the red blanket yarn.




five: When you’re at the end of the last red row, loop in the white yarn for the extra chain.


six: Crochet the moss stitch with the white yarn for 8 rows. At the end of the last row, tie it off.



seven: Use your smaller crochet hook to weave in all the tails from when you switched skeins.


eight: Use a large pompom template to make four pom poms with the white yarn OR use a large serving fork to make four pom poms as shown. Trim and shape the pom poms as needed.



nine: Tie each pompom to all four corners of the blanket. I used three square knots pulled tight.



That’s it! This Santa Hat Crochet Blanket was the absolute fastest blanket I have ever made. I think it was a combination of the large blanket yarn and the wonderful moss stitch I chose. I also can’t get over how incredibly soft the Bernat Blanket yarn is. My kids kept wanting to touch and feel it, lol (me, too). It’s the perfect blanket to curl up under on a chilly night, or here in Florida when you crank the AC down to 68 degrees.


The final size of the blanket measures 67 inches by 43 inches. You should follow all the washing instructions included on the yarn label, but I’d be extra special with the white/ red color bleed possibility. So, do you think you’d like to make a Santa Hat Crochet Blanket?

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  1. THIS is the cutest blanket EVER! I’m with you on all those abbreviations. Why do they make it so hard! I’m really thinking after Christmas I will make this and stash it away for cozying up next year. Too many projects to do it before this year!

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