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I knew I wanted to make a cute, Rustic Pine Cone Garland to use with our Bigfoot party decorations. I saw several different techniques to string the pine cones, but I didn’t want to use hot glue or wire, so ultimately, I came up with my own technique. My way also took much less time than the others and who doesn’t need fast when prepping for a party!? I love this garland so much, I plan to change out the white fabric for something more festive for the holidays. It would also work really well for a rustic-themed wedding where you could use coordinating fabric or even lace.

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Rustic Pine Cone Garland Craft Tutorial for a Party Decoration #pinecone #garland
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Rustic Pine Cone Garland


Rustic Pine Cone Garland Materials

Rustic Pine Cone Garland Steps

1. Gather or purchase your pine cones. Make sure you get ones with open scales. These were found for free on the ground outside the local movie theater. You can also purchase them from Joann Fabric and Craft Stores online for about $3 per dozen. They will be hard to find in stores unless it’s around the holidays.

Rustic Pine Cone Garland Step 1

2.  Cut 12-inch pieces of the jute twine for the number of pine cones you will use.

Rustic Pine Cone Garland Step 2

3. Use a 12-inch piece of jute twine to tie a simple knot around the core of the pine cone, about two rows of scales down. Pull it tight, but not so tight you break the cone. Repeat for each pine cone. You don’t need to tie them in bows yet, like pictured below. I just thought they looked cuter tied.

Rustic Pine Cone Garland Step 3

4. Lay the 9 feet of jute twine out straight and start in the middle. Use the ends of the jute from a pine cone to tie it in a simple bow around the long piece of twine. Repeat with 13 more pine cones, working towards one end. Leave about 3 inches between each pine cone bow.

Rustic Pine Cone Garland Step 4

5. Go back to the center of the garland and tie on the remaining pine cones, working toward the opposite end. You can slide the pine cones on the long strand to adjust the distance between them as needed.

Rustic Pine Cone Garland Step 5

6. Cut small notches along the edge of the fabric, in 1-inch intervals, 29 times, or enough to put one on each end of the garland and one in between each pine cone.

Rustic Pine Cone Garland Step 6

7. Starting at the notches you cut, tear the fabric into strips. If you choose to use ribbon or lace, it’s even easier, just cut it into 6-inch strips.

Rustic Pine Cone Garland Step 7

8.  Tie one fabric strip on each end of the garland and one in between each pine cone using a simple knot.

Rustic Pine Cone Garland Step 8

That’s it! Now you have an incredibly cute Rustic Pine Cone Garland with huge impact, but with very little cost or effort. I love the versatility of this garland and how you can easily swap out the fabric swatches or accessories to match the theme, event, or season.

Rustic Pine Cone Garland Complete

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If you’re interested in finding the motherlode for pine cone crafts, you must visit Favecrafts to see all of their projects! They have so many great ideas.

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