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I know it’s only September, but if you’ve ever made your own Christmas cards before, you know it isn’t something you want to wait until after Thanksgiving to start. Most of the craft stores already have their Christmas supplies out already, so finding them shouldn’t be a problem. This Rustic Handmade Christmas Card is one I’m considering for our family Christmas card this year. I’ll make a few different ones and then decide.

I got the sketch for this card from Pam over at P.S. I Love you Crafts but I came up with the color combos and materials used myself. I think that starting with a sketch or an idea of a layout is the best place to start when making handmade cards. Everything else, like paper color and embellishments. seem to fall into place once you have the “bones” decided.  Be sure to check the bottom of the post for a FREE Bonus for your card. Let’s get started!


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Rustic Handmade Christmas Card




Step 1: Cut a  10″x7″ piece of the brown cardstock. Fold it in half so the card measures 5″x7″.


Step 2: Cut a 4″x6″ piece of the paper burlap.


Step 3: Cut a 1.5″x2.5″ piece of the ivory cardstock. (You may need to adjust this measurement depending on your stamp size.)


Step 4: Cut a 2″x3″ piece of the red cardstock.(You may need to adjust this measurement depending the size of your cut from Step 3.)


Step 5: Cut a 2″x5″ piece of the green pine paper.


Step 6: Stick the burlap paper piece to the front of the card.


Step 7: Stick the green pine piece on top of the burlap piece, from the fold to the edge of the card, centered.


Step 8: Stamp “Merry Christmas” onto your ivory cardstock piece.


Step 9: Stick the stamped ivory piece to the front of the red cardstock piece, centered.


Step 10: Stick that stamped red and ivory piece to the card, centered, but slightly lower over the green pine piece as shown in the photo.


Step 11: Cut a 24-inch piece of red jute cord. Wrap it around just the front of the card and tie in a double knot, then trim off excess.


That’s it! This Rustic Handmade Christmas Card is pretty easy to make, even for beginner crafters, but also offers so many different options for those that want to take it to the next level. For instance, instead of burlap paper, you could use embossed paper to give it texture. Instead of jute cord, you could use raffia. And of course, you will be using a completely different stamp set than me, so that will also change the look. You don’t even have to use words–a reindeer stamp would look really cute here, too.


If you want more Handmade Christmas Card ideas, be sure to visit P.S. I Love You Crafts. She has so many lovely cards and designs to choose from.

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