Rustic Button Valentine’s Heart

Sometimes when I’m at a craft store or section, I will buy things without having a clear project in mind. This wooden heart was different, though. I grabbed it in Target’s Bullseye section for just $3 and knew I wanted to make a Valentine’s Day project with it. I also grabbed some of their $1 pink jute cord and baker’s twine. Then using some pink chalk paint I had on hand and some pink and red craft buttons, I was able to transform it all into this Rustic Button Valentine’s Heart craft.

Rustic Button Valentine's Heart Decor Craft Tutorial

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Rustic Button Valentine’s Heart


Rustic Button Valentines Heart Materials


one: Paint one layer on the front and sides of the heart with the pink chalk paint. Let the paint dry for 30 minutes.

Rustic Button Valentines Heart Step 1

two: Use the sandpaper to sand away some of the paint from the front and especially the edges. You want to give it a weathered look. Wipe it down with a damp cloth once you’re done to get the dust off.

Rustic Button Valentines Heart Step 2a

Rustic Button Valentines Heart Step 2b

three: Lay your small buttons out in the pattern you want to do. I chose XO, but you could do a heart outline, too.

Rustic Button Valentines Heart Step 3

four: Glue each button down with your clear Tacky Glue. Yes, you could use hot glue, but I feel like it’s overkill for this project and the Tacky Glue lays flatter and is less mess. Let the buttons dry for 30 minutes.

Rustic Button Valentines Heart Step 4

five: While the buttons are drying, select enough medium-sized buttons to go around the edge of the heart. You can use all pink, or pink and red like me. I used 20 buttons.

Rustic Button Valentines Heart Step 5

six: Tie and knot small pieces of embroidery floss through 18 of the buttons. I cut my floss a little too long so it’d be easier to tie, then I trimmed it down. Do not separate the thread.

Rustic Button Valentines Heart Step 6

seven: Place the buttons around the edge of the heart, evenly spaced. Glue them all in place except for the two buttons that will be over the drilled holes. Let the glue dry for 30 minutes.

Rustic Button Valentines Heart Step 7

eight: Cut a piece of the pink jute cord long enough to fit around the outside edge of the heart. Test to make sure it is long enough to go around exactly once. Cut enough pieces so that the cord will be wide enough to cover the entire width of the side. I needed six pieces.

Rustic Button Valentines Heart Step 8

nine: Glue all the threads to the side as pictured. I would put about an inch of glue, then smooth the threads into the glue as I went along. This can get messy fast, so make sure you have something to wipe your fingers on. Let this dry for about an hour.

Rustic Button Valentines Heart Step 9b

Rustic Button Valentines Heart Step 9a

Rustic Button Valentines Heart Step 9c

ten: While the jute is drying, cut a 36-inch length of the baker’s twine.

Rustic Button Valentines Heart Step 10

eleven: Now grab those two extra buttons. Thread the baker’s twine through two of the holes in one of the buttons. Then, thread both ends of the twine through one of the holes on the heart.

Rustic Button Valentines Heart Step 11

twelve: Now weave one strand of the twine through the back of the other hole, through two holes of the second button, and then back through the hole.

Rustic Button Valentines Heart Step 12

Hint: I used tweezers to help get the twine through the holes.

thirteen: Tie the two twine ends together. Slide the twine through the buttons and holes until the knot is flush with the back where you can’t see it.

Rustic Button Valentines Heart Step 13a

Rustic Button Valentines Heart Step 13b


That’s it! I know that waiting for the glue to dry can be time-consuming, but I still think it’s far less mess than a glue gun for this craft. You have a ton of flexibility, too. You can use different colors for the buttons, twine, and jute. You could also make a different saying or shape in the middle. We hope you found our Rustic Button Valentine’s Heart tutorial helpful! Have you ever made a craft using buttons?

Rustic Button Valentines Heart Complete2

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  1. I love your creative minds! The idea of wrapping the jute around the side of the heart and adding the buttons with twine is genius! I love how you combined rustic with pretty! Pinning!
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