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My son loves the idea of Easter and baskets of candy and egg hunting, but he wants nothing to do with pastel-colored or cutesy Easter craft projects. So, when I came across this super cute, err I mean super cool Rocket Easter Egg craft kit from Target’s Spritz brand, I grabbed it right away.

The Spritz Jumbo Egg in black and the Easter Rocket Jumbo Egg Decorating Kit were $3 each–not too bad for such a large craft. You can find them at Target stores or on their website though the stores will probably be slim pickings by now. By the way, I don’t get paid by Target, I pay them by shopping there a few times a week. I’m not a jumbo egg pusher.

Rocket Easter Egg Craft


Rocket Egg Kit

The kit does not require any additional supplies whatsoever. Everything is peel and stick.

Rocket Supplies


The directions that came with the kit were easy for him to follow. Younger kids will probably need a little help peeling the stickers and getting the silver stripes to go around properly. Speaking of which, note that there are two different lengths. The shorter set is for the top and the longer set is for the bottom of the egg. Also, the red fins come in sets of front and back pieces and are not all identical.

Rocket Egg Six Steps

The whole project took him about 30 minutes and he was very pleased with the final result. He was fine with it not looking perfect like on the package. He said he “customized” his rocket. It now proudly sits on our mantel.

Rocket Finished

Target carries a few other kits besides the Rocket Easter Egg including pirate, princess, bunny, and a general Easter-themed one. They carry black, white, pink, and blue jumbo eggs. You can find them on Target’s website, just search “Spritz Kit Easter” for their current year’s kits. Posting a link would be pointless since they change.

This kit gives me some inspiration for decorating other jumbo eggs in different themes besides the obvious pastel-laden, Easter-themed fare. Several stores carry those huge eggs that break apart. Add some mixed media craft supplies and you could come up with all kinds of fun ideas. Maybe I should make a Wonder Woman egg!

How would you decorate a giant Easter egg?

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