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Welcome to the February Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop! The purpose of this hop is to motivate us to not just hoard pins, but to make it happen! Do you have the same habit where you pin craft after craft and then never go back and make them? I know I’m guilty, so no judgment here. So when I heard about this challenge, I jumped at the chance to participate. I wasn’t able to do the destash challenge this month, so I kind of combined them and decided to make a Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter inspired by this adorable Ribbon Letters & Numbers project from Stacy at She’s Kinda Crafty using ribbon and a letter I already had on hand. There’s nothing like crafting two birds with one glue gun!

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Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter DIY Craft Tutorial

If you’ve been following along with my other monogram letter projects, you know I’m using a completely different craft technique on 10 different types of letters to spell “be inspired,” our little motto for our site. Once they’re all done, I’ll hang them in my Wonder Woman themed craft room, so all of the letters will be red, yellow, or blue in case you were wondering “but why red?” So far I have completed the P: Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter, the B: Chalk Painted Monogram Letter, and the R: String Art Monogram Letter.

Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter Previous Letters

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Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter


Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter Materials

Remember, your letter can be any color scheme you choose, I just chose red for my purposes. If you look at my inspiration pin, you’ll see she used a variety of colors and it turned out so pretty.

Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter Steps

1. Paint the front and sides of your letter in case any of it peeks through the ribbon. Let the paint dry completely before moving on. (If you are confident that won’t happen because of the type of ribbon you’re using, you can skip the painting part.)

Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter Step 1

2. Pull out all of your ribbon and lay some of the pieces across the letter to get an idea of how you want to lay glue them on. Do you want a pattern? Should they be diagonal or vertical versus horizontal? Would more variety or just one type work for you?

Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter Step 2

3. Once you have a good idea of how you want to glue the ribbon on, cut your first piece so that you have enough to wrap around to the back of the letter, too. I started at the bottom.

Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter Step 3

4. Glue that piece on, making sure to use enough glue to really make it stick. I’ll be honest, the tacky glue I used on the first several rows took way too long to dry and it usually dries fast, so I switched to hot glue.

Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter Step 4a

Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter Step 4b

5. Continue cutting and gluing the pieces of ribbon, moving up the letter. You can either slightly overlap the ribbon or just glue it side by side. I glued mine diagonally. Why? Because I love making crafts far more complicated than they need to be, lol.

Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter Step 5a

Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter Step 5b

6. Now take the red ribbon that’s the same width as the side of your letter and glue it to the side, starting at the bottom. You will glue it all the way around the perimeter of the letter. Make sure the glue doesn’t seep onto the front of the letter.

Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter Step 6

That’s it! What do you think? I think that using ribbon to cover a letter creates some fun dimension. It does get a little lot sticky from all of the glue, but I think it’s worth it, just keep and damp paper towel handy. It also took me far longer to glue all of the ribbon strips onto the letter than I thought it would, even once I switched to hot glue. All in all, I think this Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter will make a great addition to my bigger project and will fit perfectly in my craft room. I know it looks slightly Christmasy with the red and gold but I was going more for Wonder Woman’s red and gold bodice. What color or colors would you make yours?

Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter Complete

If you’d love to see a whole range of DIY home decor ideas like this Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter, you’ll have to check out DIY Idea Center. I always find so much inspiration over there.

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Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter Feature

13 thoughts on “Ribbon Covered Monogram Letter”

  1. I love how your letter turned out with all the textures of the different ribbons. And with all the sparkles, it definitely looks like Wonder Woman’s red bodice.

  2. This one is so pretty! I love that you glued it on the diagonal! It adds so much more interest! I know this post is not about this but I love the Paper Rose filled letter “p”! Pinned!

  3. The monogram letter turned out great! Love the ribbon choices too! This is such a great way to personalize a monogram! Pinning to share!

  4. What a beautiful ribbon covered letter. I love using ribbons for craft projects; they add such dimension with all the different widths and textures. Pinned.

  5. A Wonder Woman themed craft room sounds fun! I can’t wait to see the letters when they are finished. I have some extra St. Patrick’s Day ribbon and I would love to make the letters for Lucky with the ribbon. #PinterestChallenge

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