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Do you ever see a movie and just totally fall in love with the soundtrack? That’s how I feel about the music from The Greatest Showman, along with millions of other people. I didn’t even want to see the movie initially since I don’t always enjoy musicals (shock face), but my youngest son saw it and convinced me I’d love it. He was right and how can you go wrong with Hugh Jackman and Zach Ephron anyway? My absolute favorite song (and scene from the movie) is “Rewrite the Stars” with Zach and Zendaya, so for this month’s Movie Monday Challenge with musicals, I knew I wanted to make a Rewrite the Stars Sign. I used the same technique as I did when I showed you how to Make a Wood Sign Using Cricut Stencil Vinyl but on a smaller scale.

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Make Your Own Rewrite the Stars Sign


Make Your Own Rewrite the Stars Sign Steps

1: Sand off any rough edges from your wood sign and paint one coat of the blue chalk paint (or any paint of your choice) onto the front and sides of your wood sign. Let it dry completely while you work on the stencil.

2: Open up a new project in Cricut Design Space and insert a square shape. Resize it to the size of your wood sign.

3: Insert a text box, type “Rewrite the Stars” and change the font to a bold font you like. I used Jelytta from Hungry JPEG. Adjust the spacing on the text and resize the text to fit into the box.

4: Click Images and search for stars. I inserted one just called “star” but it’s really more of a starburst. Duplicate it to make six or however many you like. This one comes free with Cricut Access membership.  Arrange the stars within the box around the wording.

5: Select everything and then click “Attach” so all of it will cut together as a group, making your stencil. By using a square, it makes the stencil already the right size for your area and easier to work with.

6: Cut out the wording group on your stencil vinyl. Be sure to select “Custom” on your dial and select stencil vinyl in Design Space under special materials.

7: Weed out the cut lettering and stars, leaving the negative space. If you have any floating centers or little pieces like for the middle of the As and Os, just take a small scrap piece of the stencil vinyl and place it over the areas until it’s transferred onto the sign to keep their placement straight.

8: Make absolutely sure your paint is dry then place your stencil centered onto the wood sign. Burnish it onto the wood, making sure the edges of the wording and stars are pressed onto the wood firmly.

9: Use the pouncer to apply white paint on the stencil without rocking the pouncer back and forth or squeezing too much paint out. Try to dab it lightly, straight up and down, Don’t be afraid to make a couple of light coats to get the coverage you want. Let the paint dry completely before peeling off the stencil.

10: Once the paint has dried, slowly peel off the stencil. If you kept the backing, you can simply restick it to use again later. Use the weeder tool to carefully lift off the little letter centers.

That’s it! There’s a good reason that DIY wood signs have become so popular–they’re fun! I like that I can take any movie or song quote and turn it into a special gift for someone or keep it for my own decor. I’ve seen so many ways to so these signs, too. But for this Rewrite the Stars Sign, I used my favorite and most reliable technique, Cricut Stencil Vinyl and sponge paint pouncers. I get consistent results and no bleed over as long as the paint is thick and I don’t apply too much. So if you made a sign for The Greatest Showman, which quote or song lyric would you use?

If you’d like to learn more tips for painting on wood or get more inspo for some cute wood signs, be sure to see the huge selection of projects over at Favecrafts!

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