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Last year, Drew had a wonderful teacher. She was so awesome, not only with him but with all of her kids. On the last day of school, the School Board honored her with “Teacher of the Year!” Throughout the year, I made a point to send in little gifts that would let her know how much we appreciated her. For Teacher Appreciation Week, which is the first week of May, I made her a Candy & Gift card bouquet. 

For Valentine’s Day, I made her a personalized Valentine. Even though I made it for Valentine’s Day, it could be given at any time to show a teacher how much you appreciate them. 


  • Foam Heart 
  • Elmer’s or Craft Glue 
  • Paint Brush
  • Powder Glitter
  • Rhinestones (Optional) 


Step 1: Write out a phrase in pencil on the heart.

Step 2: Trace the first word with glue using the handle tip of the paint brush. 

Step 3: Sprinkle glitter over the word. Dust off the excess glitter onto a paper plate. 

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 & 3 for each word. *

*DO NOT DO ALL THE WORDS BEFORE GLITTERING. The first glue words you finish will dry before you get to the glitter. 


Step 5: Decorate with rhinestones. 


Teacher Appreciation Week - Thank You Heart
Teacher Appreciation Week – Thank You Heart










Simple and a tad corny, but it’s the thought that counts!

Be inspired!

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