Don’t you love it when you can find cool items at the thrift store that you barely have to alter to suit your needs? Yeah, me, too! So when I found these three black bottles at Goodwill I was thrilled and knew exactly what I’d use them for. The black bottles I found for this Easy Potion Bottle Thrift Store Upcycle weren’t even sitting next to each other on the shelves. I found one, was pleased, then found another, and another. Maybe someone used them for a wedding? At 99¢ each they were a steal and as a bonus, they were already painted black with what I think is chalkboard paint. I knew I already had some potion bottle labels I got on clearance last year, so this Halloween project was super duper cheap. And did I mention easy? I made over all three bottles in less than 20 minutes!

Potion Bottle Thrift Store Upcycle DIY Halloween Craft Tutorial
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Easy Potion Bottle Thrift Store Upcycle


Potion Bottle Thrift Store Upcycle Materials

Easy Potion Bottle Thrift Store Upcycle Steps

1: If your bottles have any extra string or ribbon on them like mine, go ahead and remove it. Unless you like it of course. I definitely didn’t want to keep the jute cord.

Potion Bottle Thrift Store Upcycle Step 1

2: Select which labels you’ll be using.

Potion Bottle Thrift Store Upcycle Step 2

3: Carefully peel off the backing from the labels and slowly stick them onto the bottles as straight as possible.

Potion Bottle Thrift Store Upcycle Step 3a

Potion Bottle Thrift Store Upcycle Step 3b

Potion Bottle Thrift Store Upcycle Step 3c

Potion Bottle Thrift Store Upcycle Step 3d

4: Glue or tie your new ribbon onto the neck of the bottle.

Potion Bottle Thrift Store Upcycle Step 4a

Potion Bottle Thrift Store Upcycle Step 4b

Holy moly, that was easy! Sure, I could have made my own labels from scratch or downloaded some online and that may work out perfectly for you. But since I already had these awesome labels, I wanted to use them. They’re pretty stylish and cool looking, but they don’t seem to want to stay stuck to the bottles along the edges. That’s nothing a little bit of tacky glue can’t fix though. I’m thinking I may take some chalk and “age” the bottles a bit, but I want to set them out with my other potion bottles first to see if that would look right. I think I may just paint some of the bottles from my stash black to match and then use up the rest of the labels.

Potion Bottle Thrift Store Upcycle Complete

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