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I’m not sure you are aware of this, but I LOVE Disney. Love might even be an understatement. In fact, most of my family loves Disney. When my little cousin turned four, she wanted only Ariel stuff for her birthday. I thought I would take the opportunity to make her something special and original. This isn’t really a full tutorial as much as it is Polymer Clay Little Mermaid Tips to assist you in making a mermaid.

We also have a helpful infographic: 10 Tips for Polymer Clay that offers some very useful insight on working with polymer clay.

Polymer Clay Little Mermaid Tips Craft Tutorial

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Polymer Clay Little Mermaid Tips



One: The scales on the tail were very time-consuming. I used a #7 Wilton icing tip to make the scales. I rolled the clay out as thin as I could without it sticking, then used the tip like a cookie cutter. I used the small end of a paint brush to pick up each “scale” and place it on the tail.

Polymer Clay Mermaid Scales

Here is another way to make scales, too!

Two: For the face, I simply used acrylic paint to paint on the eyes and the mouth. The mouth is a heart with a rounded bottom.

Three: For the cheeks, I used Heidi Swap’s Color Shine in Hot Pink. I sprayed a little on a palette and then applied it to the cheeks.

Four: For the shell bra I just shaped them with my hand and rolled out a cord for the bra, but if you have a small shell mold (like these) that would look even cuter!

Five: Once she had baked and cooled, I glazed the fins and sprinkled, very lightly, white powder fine glitter. Then I rubbed it so the glitter was flat against the clay. After that layer dried, I glazed the entire figure.

Polymer Clay Mermaid Close Up

Polymer Clay Mermaid Complete

If you have any questions about making this Polymer Clay Little Mermaid project, let me know!

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