Polar Express Sleigh Bells Shadow Box

So Polar Express is one of those Christmas movies I wasn’t really interested in seeing when it first came out. In fact, I didn’t even see the movie until four years after its release when my second son insisted on seeing it. I instantly fell in love with the movie and thought it did such a wonderful job of explaining the belief in Santa Claus. I honestly think this movie is what convinced my youngest son to believe in Santa as long as he did because he thought to hear the sleigh bell ring was proof. My husband and I would pretend we couldn’t hear it and he’d get such a satisfied expression on his little face. So my Polar Express Sleigh Bells Shadow Box project for the 25 Days of Christmas Movies Blog Hop is based on that magical scene from the end of the movie where Santa gives him that special sleigh bell.

This scene always makes me tear up:

Polar Express Sleigh Bells Shadow Box DIY Cricut Craft Tutorial

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – time for the annual 25 Days Of Christmas Movies Blog Hop! #ChristmasMoviesHop

We have 25 talented bloggers gathered together to share with you all the wonderful crafts and recipes you can make this Christmas season, based off of some of the most beloved holiday classic films. So be sure to check out the other 24 projects and recipes from my fellow hosts right after the tutorial!

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Polar Express Sleigh Bells Shadow Box


  • 10″ x 10″ Shadow Box
  • Large Sleigh Bells
  • Leather Cording
  • White Pearl Vinyl
  • Snowflakes
  • Transfer Tape
  • Faux Snow
  • White Cardstock & Printer
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided Tape
  • Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Light Grip Mat
  • Weeder Tool

Polar Express Sleigh Bells Shadow Box Materials

Polar Express Sleigh Bells Shadow Box Steps:

1: Open I new project in Cricut Design Space and add a text box for “I” and another text box for “Believe.” Change the font to one you like and then arrange the words. I chose a font called Aneisha, I think from Hungry JPEG. Select Both and click Attach. Resize the grouping to fit within your shadow box glass, but not fill the whole space.

Polar Express Sleigh Bells Shadow Box Step 1

2: Cut the image out on the vinyl, weed it, then apply it to the glass with the transfer tape.

Polar Express Sleigh Bells Shadow Box Step 2

3: Cut 12-inch pieces of leather cord for each sleigh bell. Slide the cord through the bell slot and tie it in a knot. Repeat for all of the sleigh bells.

Polar Express Sleigh Bells Shadow Box Step 3

4: Find a movie image on Google that you like and print it out. I saved mine into Photoshop to resize, but you could use MS Word or PowerPoint to do it. I made the image size slightly smaller than the shadow box backing. Use the double-sided tape to stick it to the backing.

Polar Express Sleigh Bells Shadow Box Step 4

5: Sprinkle some of the snow into the bottom of the frame. Set the sleigh bells inside. You may want to temporarily place the back on to see if you like the bell placement and adjust. Add some snowflakes. Now replace the backing and clamp it.

Polar Express Sleigh Bells Shadow Box Step 5a

Polar Express Sleigh Bells Shadow Box Step 5b

Polar Express Sleigh Bells Shadow Box Step 5c

Polar Express Sleigh Bells Shadow Box Step 5d

That’s it! This Polar Express Sleigh Bells Shadow Box was pretty easy to make but I love the way it turned out, plus my son loves it. I could have added other items to it like a golden train ticket or trees, etc., but I wanted to keep the focus on that specific part of the movie. Kids seem to grow up so fast these days so I love the whole sentiment behind “I believe” because to me it’s like saying “I enjoy being a child.” I know deep down my youngest, the 11-year-old, doesn’t really believe in Santa anymore, but I’m willing to play along for as long as he is, lol.  Except for the Elf on the Shelf. That little dude needs to go.

Polar Express Sleigh Bells Shadow Box Complete

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Polar Express Sleigh Bells Shadow Box Feature

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  1. This is such a stunning project, I love it! And can you believe I still haven’t seen Polar Express yet?? 😮 I think I’ll have to remedy that over the next few weeks – time for some Christmas movie watching!!

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