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I have always loved gift wrapping. I think it goes right along with my obsession for paper products and paper crafts. I also dig all things personalized. So while I used my favorite annual Hallmark gridded paper for all of my family’s gifts, I wanted to make something special for my bestie (and fellow Vault crafter) and her son. What better way to say “you are special to me” than to make Personalized Brown Paper Gift Wrap for them?

You can get rolls of brown paper wrap at Dollar Tree for $1 each and if you have stamps and ink on hand, you’re set. I also got the baker’s twine at Dollar Tree, three for $1, but you can use any ribbon you choose. I’m always a fan of color coordinating everything, so I chose ink to match the twine I had. While I’m mentioning ink, let me just say, those ink pads in the photo, those are at least 12 years old! I’ve never re-inked them either. Holy moly, does Close to My Heart makes some high-quality ink or what!? No, they don’t pay me to say that, I just like to give credit where it’s due.


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Personalized Brown Paper Gift Wrap




Step 1: Cut your paper to the size needed to wrap your gift. Either weight it down on the edges or use masking tape to keep the paper flat. Do not wrap the gift before stamping. If you look at Drew’s (in green) you will see it doesn’t work as well.


Step 2: Set up your letter stamps to spell the name you want. Make sure to spell it backward so it stamps in the correct order. Also, set up your accent stamp.


TIP: If you are using traditional rubber stamps, set the letter stamps next to each other, in order, with the wood block up, and tape them together as one with masking tape.


Step 3: Stamp the name all over the paper at different angles and in different directions. If you set scrap paper under the edges of the brown paper, you can stamp off the edges, too. If you like, you can stamp the names in a more uniform design, like stripes, for instance.



Step 4:  Use your accent stamp to fill in the spaces. You can use any design really that suits your needs. The asterisk I chose isn’t necessarily Christmas, but I love how it looks kind of like peppermint candy.



Step 5: Now it’s time to wrap your gift!



Step 6: Tie your ribbon or string around the gift in a simple bow.



That’s it, easy as pie! This Personalized Brown Paper Gift Wrap will make you look like a craft wizard and a super thoughtful friend, but with very little time or skill level required. Win, win! Have you ever made your own gift wrap?


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