Paper Tube Superhero Cuffs

I wanted to do a superhero craft that I was confident most everyone could do and took very few materials. So I came to this conclusion: every house produces empty paper tubes whether from paper towels or toilet paper. With this craft, I will help you repurpose/upcycle them! These Paper Tube Superhero Cuffs are super easy, I promise. They’re perfect for adding the finishing touches to any little, masked caper’s outfit. Speaking of outfits, if you need a cape we have a really simple 5-Minute No Sew Cape tutorial!

Also, keep in mind that you can make these in any color and design you like. Beyond silver and gold Duck Tape, you could use any of their fun prints. As for the foam sticker embellishments, they make lots of colors shapes of those as well. Or, you could get super creative (wink, wink) and use other items besides foam stickers such as washi tape or letter stickers, etc. Seriously, your imagination is your only limit here.

Paper Tube Superhero Cuffs craft tutorial


  • 2 Toilet Paper Rolls (Same Size)
  • 4, 5-inch Pieces of Duck Tape (your choice of color)
  • Stickers
  • Scissors

Paper Rolls Superhero Cuffs Materials


Step 1: Place one piece of Duck tape across toilet paper roll (Open end to open end). Leave about a quarter of an inch excess on each end.

Paper Tube Superhero Cuffs Step 1

Step 2: Fold over the excess to the inside of the roll and secure on both ends,

Paper Tube Superhero Cuffs Step 2

Step 3: Repeat steps until the roll is completely covered.

Paper Tube Superhero Cuffs Step 3

Step 4: Cut down the center, open end to open end.

Paper Tube Superhero Cuffs Step 4

Step 5: Decorate with stickers and wear them!

Paper Tube Superhero Cuffs Step 5

Paper Tube Superhero Cuffs Complete

This paper roll craft is super easy and great for any age! If you wanted to be really crafty, you could punch holes in the back and add a ribbon or string to lace up and tie on the cuff. That would only need to be done if you used these on a really little one or a “big” kid…Cosplay anyone? I will add pictures later of the upcoming birthday party where we will be using these!

If you want some more cool superhero party ideas, check out our Batman Party or our Superheros Party Inspiration  board on Pinterest.

Be Inspired!

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