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Have you ever had a great idea for a huge craft project, bought all of the supplies, then never got around to it? Me, too! I do it all the time. Not long after Aleisha and I started this site, I thought it would be a fun idea to make our slogan “be inspired” out of ten completely different monogram letter projects using the colors in my craft room: red, blue, and yellow. Anyway, I finally made the first of ten letters with this Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter project as part of the Monthly Crafty De-stash Challenge where we primarily have to use craft supplies we have on hand.

Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter Cricut Paper Flower Craft Tutorial

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Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter


Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter Materials

Paper Rose-filled Monogram Letter Steps

one: Paint the front, sides, and inside of the shadowbox letter white. I painted two coats for full coverage. Let it dry completely while you make the flowers. You may want to sand the wood before you paint for a smoother finish, but I didn’t.

Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter Step 1

two: Open Cricut Design Space and make sure your 3D Floral Home Decor cartridge is linked to your account. Open a new project and click Insert Images>Cartridges>3D Floral Home Decor. Select “view all 46 images” then select the bouquet of roses.

TIP: If you have Cricut Access™, you won’t need the cartridge. This one is included among the thousands you get with Access™.

Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter Step 2

three: When it pops up in Design Space, you will see all of the cuts for this file, but you’re not going to use all of them. Right Click on the set and select  “Ungroup.” Delete everything but one the largest roses and one of their bases. Resize the rose to 4 inches wide and the base to a little over 2 inches wide.

Note: You should cut practice roses out on some scrap cardstock to make sure your roses fit the width of your particular shadowbox letter.

Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter Step 3a

Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter Step 3b

four: Copy and Paste the larger rose to fit as many as you can onto the grid and then fill in the gaps with the bases. I was able to fit six of each. Be sure to select all of the roses and bases and right click to “attach” them together so they don’t get separated on the next page.

Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter Step 4

five: Cut the roses out on the Cricut on the red cardstock (or your color choice.) I didn’t set it on fast mode because on my test run it snagged some of the paper. You may need to cut a couple of sheets to make enough flowers for your letter.

Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter Step 5

six: Now for the really fun part! Glue to the two round bits together on each side of each base. I ended up using a low temp glue gun, but you can use Tacky glue, too.

Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter Step 6

seven: Take your wooden dowel or pencil and starting on the outside end of the spiral, start wrapping the paper. You can remove the dowel after a few wraps and continue wrapping it until it reaches the end.

Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter Step 7

Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter Step 7b

eight: Apply glue to the inside of the round flower bottom and then press the spiral down into it. Hold it until the glue dries enough to hang on.

Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter Step 8

nine: Now put glue on the outside of that flower bottom and then stick it to the inside of a flower base.  Hold it together until the glue is dry.

Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter Step 9a

Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter Step 9b

ten: This part is super easy! Just simply tuck the roses into the shadowbox letter. If your roses turned out anything like mine, they aren’t all the exact same size. That’s fine, it will actually make it easier to fit them into different areas of the shadowbox letter. Mine fit snuggly in there and I didn’t have to glue them in, yay!

Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter Step 10

That’s it! This Paper Rose-filled Monogram Letter project is a pretty simple and easy craft to finish in an afternoon. Even if you wanted to make an entire word with this method, you could knock it out in a day. You can easily customize it to your color scheme by simply changing the paint and cardstock colors, too. These would look cute as party decorations as well as home decor to add a touch of feminity. I just love versatile crafts like this, don’t you?

Paper Rose-Filled Monogram Letter Complete

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  1. Oh I love this idea on how to use paper-roses! I just posted about how to make paper-roses without one of those wonderful, wonderful machines (one day, I will get one, though ;-)) over at my blog Craftify My Love.

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