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Seventy-six flowers! That’s how many flowers I rolled up to make this Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament.

I think all of that paper flower rolling was well worth it for sure, though. I know it would have gone faster if I’d had one of those quilling tools, so that’s now on my shopping list. For this month’s Inspire My Creativity challenge, we were tasked with making pastel colored projects. I knew I wanted to use pink and that I wanted to make miniature paper flowers, so finding the wooden egg ornament in my Easter/ Spring crafts bin made the whole project come together perfectly.

You could definitely use this technique for other shapes as well, especially for Christmas ornaments. I’ve even seen someone use tons of these tiny paper flowers to cover a paper mache teddy bear! Super cute for sure. In fact, I’m pretty sure you could cover any of those cardboard/ paper mache shapes and items at the craft store with miniature paper flowers. The real question is, do you want to make all of them? The answer should be “yes!” They’re a lot of fun to roll up and floof. Let me show you how much fun!

Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament Feature
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Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament


Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament Materials

Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament Steps

1: Search the Cricut Access Flower Shoppe for the scalloped shaped flower and import it to your project. If you don’t have Cricut Access (small monthly fee,) you may have to pay a small fee like 99¢ to purchase the file. This is a one-time purchase, though, so you can use it over and over again.

Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament Step 1a

2: Resize the image file to 1.5 inches and duplicate it so you have 49 spirals total. Don’t worry about how you have them spread out, though, because when you click “Make It,” Design Space will do that for you.

Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament Step 1b

3: Follow the prompts on the screen to cut them out on your Cricut. Make sure to adjust the settings according to how thick your cardstock is. Also, before you eject the project, check to make sure it cut all the way through. If it didn’t, you can send it through to cut again along the same exact lines.

Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament Step 2a

4: Next, you’ll remove all of the negative space, extra cardstock, leaving all the spirals on the mat by peeling the sheet back, starting at the corner.

Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament Step 2b

5: Before we move on to making the flowers, go ahead and paint your egg ornament the same color as your cardstock flowers so it can dry while you roll the flowers. As you can see here, I used a larger wooden egg ornament. I linked to a foam one on Amazon above, but you can usually find these wooden ones, pre-strung, in your local craft stores during the Spring

Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament Step 3a

Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament Step 3b

6: Starting with the middle of the flower spiral, carefully roll the flower around in a circle. Don’t put any glue on them just yet. Repeat until you have enough flowers to cover your egg. I needed 76 but may need fewer or more for your egg.

Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament Step 4a

Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament Step 4b

7: Alright, now you need to add a little drop of glue to the inside bottom of the flower and then to the bottom of the flower. Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament Step 5a

8: Place the glued flower on the egg, pressing down firmly but gently. Hold it in place for a bit until the glue has had a chance to set. It shouldn’t take very long with the quick dry glue! I really don’t recommend hot glue for this project.

Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament Step 5b

9: Repeat this process for all the paper flowers, butting them up against each other, trying to keep gaps to a mimumim.

Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament Step 5c

Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament Step 5d

Now I feel like I want to cover everything in mini flowers like I did this Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament!

That’s it! Clearly, the paper flowers took the longest to make, but again, if I’d have had a quilling tool, I’m sure it would have gone faster. I honestly didn’t mind rolling them by hand, though.  It’s definitely something you could do while watching Netflix, lol. Of course now I’m looking around my craft room to see what other blanks I can experiment on. Hmm, maybe that paper mache T-Rex? Probably wouldn’t work on her little arms, lol. What would you cover in tiny paper flowers?

Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament Complete

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Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament DIY Cricut Craft Tutorial

10 thoughts on “Paper Flower Covered Egg Ornament”

  1. WOW! This ornament is incredible!! I can’t imagine having to roll all those flowers – I don’t think I could do it myself, but there are similar embellishments. Just gorgeous though!

  2. Marie, that all nighter was so worth it!! Loved how this cute little egg ornament turned out. Also, these delicately paper flowers make that sturdy wooden egg look very fragil all of a sudden.

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