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Do y’all ever watch HSN on their special craft days? Okay, do you ever lose your ever-loving mind and buy stuff like crazy because of the amazing demonstrations they show with all kinds of nifty tools and supplies? I’m sure I’m not alone because a lot of their items sell out. Well, last year I went nuts over Anna Griffin’s Card kits and die cut/ stamp sets. I got several items and got an auto-ship on shaker card kits and decoupage card kits. And then I just stacked them on a shelf in my craft room as they were shipped to me, leaving them untouched. I even still bought cards at the store like an idiot while I basically have my own greeting card store in my house. Until today. I have previously used some of her stamps and matching dies from HSN, however,  to make this Handmade Embossed Mother’s Day Card with great results.

Ornate Handmade Cards DIY Craft Review for Anna Griffin Card Kit

Easily Make Ornate Handmade Cards from Kits

As part of the Monthly Craft Room De-stash Challenge, I decided to dust off one of the boxes and make some Ornate Handmade Cards from one of the kits. I didn’t have to spend a dime since everything I needed comes in the kit aside from a tape runner. I started with Anna Griffin’s Watercolor Floral Decoupage Card Making Kit.

Ornate Handmade Cards 1

The kit includes cards, envelopes, and embellishments to make 20 unique three-dimensional cards. I’m super impressed with just how much stuff comes in these kits! They thought of everything and more, including extras you can use on other cards outside of the kit. I’m not exactly sure what that stack of gold cardstock is supposed to be used for, but I imagine they are to be used with some of her dies if desired.

Ornate Handmade Cards 2

You’ll also get a sheet with basic instructions and a few finished examples to get an idea of what they can look like. Notice I said can. One of the great features of these kits is that while you are given coordinating supplies, honestly, there are more possible combinations than I can count. You get two of each design or color of card base and other embellishments, but each of those can be finished with completely different results. I love that.

Ornate Handmade Cards 3a

Ornate Handmade Cards 3b

The flowers have letter and number codes on the backs to help guide you on the correct order to stick on the flowers.

Ornate Handmade Cards 4

I’m thrilled the kit also comes with little square foam stickers to help give the flowers some dimension. I stuck some of the embellishments flat on the card, though.

Ornate Handmade Cards 5

Can you believe how much the 3D elements make the flowers pop off the card?

Ornate Handmade Cards 6

Ornate Handmade Cards 6b

Ornate Handmade Cards 6c

Another cool feature is that the beautiful sentiment embellishments for the front of the cards are actually stickers and don’t need any additional adhesive.

Ornate Handmade Cards 7a

Ornate Handmade Cards 7b

The pretty little bows add a nice touch to some of the cards and the ribbon they use is super soft and luxe feeling.

Ornate Handmade Cards 8

Ornate Handmade Cards 8b

And finally, because there are so many different types of sentiments included in the kit, you can basically make a vault of gorgeous cards that are ready to go whenever you need them! The last-minute procrastinator in me loves that.

Ornate Handmade Cards 9

So how about you? Have any of you bought any of her kits before? If you love the look of Ornate Handmade Cards but don’t know how to put everything together or don’t want to buy all of the separate tools and embellishments, then card kits may be the answer for you. Each of these cards look and feel like they cost a small fortune, but once you divide the kit cost by 20, you’re getting a much better deal.

Ornate Handmade Cards Complete

And in case you were wondering, neither Anna Griffin nor HSN asked me to review this product and I wasn’t compensated in any way, I just really love her card kits.

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  1. I love These sets but so far I resisted buying one. What I do is, I tend to go bonkers when in the US or the UK. I bring home half a suitcase full of cards. I’d probably be better off buying one of these sets when on vacation the next time as I get English cards I can add my personal creative note to.

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