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Halloween is my favorite holiday by far, but I still have a soft spot for Christmas, as well. So for me, the movie Nightmare Before Christmas is the perfect combination of both. You get Santa Claus and the Pumpkin King, win-win.  My favorite part of the movie, (skeleton) hand down, has to be the soundtrack. The songs are so fun to sing along to and you can annoy your kids by singing over the characters. (Am I the only one?) I especially love the song This is Halloween, so for September’s Movie Monday Challenge, I decided to make a Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Halloween Sign using lyrics from that song. I think it works great with all types of Halloween decorations, too.

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Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Halloween Sign DIY Cricut Craft Tutorial

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Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Halloween Sign


  • 1 Half Sheet of White Posterboard
  • 2 Skeleton Arms with Hands (Mine Are Salad Tongs from Dollar Tree)
  • Grey Ink Pad
  • Ink Brayer
  • Black Vinyl
  • Transfer Tape
  • Cricut Explore or Newer
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Command Strip

Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Halloween Sign Steps

1. Download a free Nightmare Before Christmas font to your computer. Create a new project in Cricut’s Design Space and add the type  “This is Halloween, Everybody Scream!” with one line per text box. Change the font to your Nightmare font and then resize the text boxes to fill the 12x 12 cutting space. I made “Scream” larger than the others.


2. Cut the words out on the black vinyl then cut out each line into word strips with the scissors. Weed out the area surrounding the words.

3.  Cut your posterboard piece so that the width matches up with your skeleton arms and the posterboard is 18 inches long.

4. Lay out the word strips and the skeleton arms on the posterboard to plan out your spacing. Use a pencil to mark the outer boundaries of the words.

5. Tear the left and right edges of the posterboard towards you, staying outside of the pencil marks. You want the tears to be imperfect and ragged, not it a straight line. Tear the top and bottom, as well, but only tear off as little as possible.

6. Load up the brayer with ink and then apply ink to the posterboard in random directions. Let the ink dry completely before the next step.

7. Cut a strip of transfer tape a little taller than the words strips. Stick it on your clothes a couple of times to take off some of the stickiness. We don’t want the transfer tape to take off any of the cardboard. Use the transfer tape to apply the words to the posterboard.

8. Look to see where the posterboard will touch the skeleton arms and apply hot glue to those spots and glue them together.

9. Stick a Command Strip to the center top of the sign and stick it to your wall.

That’s it! You can easily adapt this craft to suit your style, like using a wood base instead of posterboard. Or, if you don’t have a Cricut, you could just use black stickers or you could even hand write out the words if you’re one of those talented people. I am not, lol. I definitely love that this Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Halloween Sign only cost me about $3.50. Yep, skeleton salad tongs from Dollar Tree, a square of vinyl, and a half sheet of posterboard. Of course, I already had the brayer and ink. What technique would you choose?

If you enjoy skeleton Halloween crafts, you’ll probably like my Spooky Skeleton Wreath, too. That one was also super economical to make. Who doesn’t love that?

If you’re looking for the ultimate resource for Halloween crafts, you’ll have to visit  All Free Holiday Crafts. They have pages and pages of great ideas and tutorials.

On the last Monday of each month, a group of bloggers participate in a #MovieMondayChallenge, hosted by C’mon Get Crafty! We decide on a topic, genre, or specific movie to use for inspiration and everyone gets free reign to create something wonderful!

This month’s challenge was. . . . HALLOWEEN!!!! Everyone was allowed to choose their own favorite Halloween-themed film for this challenge.

Now let’s see what everyone else was inspired to create for this month’s #MovieMondayChallenge!! If you’d like to join our Facebook group, you can request an invite here.

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