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Bridge the weeks and months between December and Spring holidays with this beautiful monochromatic Neutral Winter Wreath.

Oh, how I love to use grapevine wreaths! I don’t know what it is about them, but I find them so much easier to customize and arrange than traditional faux pine wreaths.

So when I needed to create a Neutral Winter Wreath to coordinate with my Winter Wonderland-themed dining room, I knew instantly I wanted to grab a white grapevine wreath and white & wintery floral pics to decorate it.

The white berries were a must-have as well. I think the snowflake adds a nice touch and I’m really enjoying the monochromatic look.

Neutral Winter Wreath Feature

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Neutral Winter Wreath Materials

  • White Grapevine Wreath
  • Neutral White and/ or Grey Wintery/ Snowy Floral Pics
  • White Berry Pics
  • Large Snowflake Ornament
  • Wire Cutters
Neutral Winter Wreath Materials

Neutral Winter Wreath Steps

1: If you can’t find a white grapevine wreath, you can easily spray paint a brown one with some Rustoleum chalk paint. I found mine at Michael’s. Rotate it until you find where you want the top of the wreath to orient.

2: Start by laying some of the pics on top of the wreath to see where you’d like to place them. For these grapevine wreaths, I like to focus on one corner and have the pics point out in both directions from a central point.

Neutral Winter Wreath 1
Neutral Winter Wreath 2
Neutral Winter Wreath 4
Neutral Winter Wreath 5

3: Bend the metal stems of the pics to form a hook and shove them between the branches of the wreath. The hooks will catch on the branches, helping to keep the pics in place.

Neutral Winter Wreath 3

4: Place a large snowflake ornament in the center of the pic focal point. I wedged mine in place and secured it with some of the metal stems from the pics as needed.

Neutral Winter Wreath 6

5: Finally,  place the white berry stems all around the remainder of the wreath. Mine came with several stems on one pic, so I used wire cutters to clip them off and place them individually.

Neutral Winter Wreath 7
Neutral Winter Wreath 8
Neutral Winter Wreath 9

That’s it! Decorating grapevine wreaths is so super easy and it makes me feel like I have some serious floral arranging skills even though I clearly don’t lol. It’s all smoke and mirrors, folks! All I’m saying is that if I can make one, you can make one, too. You can even find all of these exact items at Michael’s right now for at least 50% off! Making placing and poking stuff into this Neutral Winter Wreath was a lot of fun and I’m very pleased with how well it blends with my Winter Wonderland themed dining room.

Neutral Winter Wreath Complete


Neutral Winter Wreath DIY Christmas Craft Tutorial

8 thoughts on “Neutral Winter Wreath”

  1. Marie, your wreath celebrates the softer side of Christmas with enough bling to make it extra special! I’m looking forward to see the new direction you will be taking with your blog.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. What a beautiful wreath that goes with any decor. I want to replace the wreath on our front door this year and I think this would be gorgeous against our dark charcoal painted door. Thank you for the inspiration! Pinned 🙂

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