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I was super excited to see Target had finally put out new items in their Bullseye’s Playground (OneSpot) area. This time, it was patriotic and nautical themed items. As I’ve mentioned before, they usually have a great selection of craft products, craft or DIY party kits, plus some premade decor that can be easily altered to suit your fancy. This Nautical String Art Kit obviously falls under the kit category. It says on the package that it is for 5+, so I could see how some might just keep browsing. As a mom, I’d say this kit would be too challenging for most 5-year-olds. Eight would be a better starting point, but even that age would produce so-so results. I’d say this is better-suited for tweens to adults.

The padded board felt pretty sturdy and is firmly squishy on the printed side. Did I mention that I have never tried string art before? No? Well, I can tell you, after working on a marble maze equivalent with the Cub Scouts, I have little desire to hammer in a kajillion nails. Sorry, not sorry. So, the fact that this kit has pins you can just stick in is extremely appealing to my lazy crafter side. Besides, this kit was only $3, so if it had been a complete disaster, lesson learned.

Nautical String Art Kit Craft Tutorial Target Crafts


Nautical String Art Kit

Included in Kit

  • Printed Nautical Anchor Sign
  • Push Pins
  • String

Nautical String Art Kit Included


  • Scissors

Nautical String Art Kit Materials


Step 1: Push the pins into the board along the lines of the design. I put them on all of the angles first to make sure those areas were defined. I used all but two of the pins. Don’t push them all the way in–leave a bit of space for the string.

Nautical String Art Kit Step 1a

Nautical String Art Kit Step 1b

Nautical String Art Kit Step 1c

Step 2: Tie the string in a knot of your choice around one of the pins.

Nautical String Art Kit Step 2

Step 3: Wrap the string around the pins in either a random or selected pattern, making sure to cover the lines of the design in the process. I ended up going over the whole design three times and I still had gobs of string left. You can use as much as you like, but I think too much string would cause the pins to pull out of the board.

Nautical String Art Kit Step 3

Step 4: Make sure you end the string where you started. Cut the string, giving yourself enough to tie off the two ends together. Trim off the excess string.

Nautical String Art Kit Step 4

That’s it! I think this Nautical String Art project turned out so cute. I thought this was a fun craft and I especially appreciated not having to hammer in so many nails to get the same look. It makes me want to dissect this one to see how they made it so I can repeat the no nail technique. I might have to buy a second one and do that. Now the trick is to figure out where to put it. I don’t exactly have anything nautical in my house. Maybe Aleisha can use it! She has a beached themed bathroom, lol.

Nautical String Art Kit Complete

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One last note, while we may be Target Affiliates, meaning we make a small percentage when you click our Target Ads and buy from them, this post was in no way endorsed or paid for by Target. I’m just a nerd for Target’s crafts.

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