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For Valentine’s Day, I thought this Moulin Rouge Inspired Valentine’s Day Card would be a great opportunity to make a different kind of card than those we usually see loaded with hearts and kissy lips.

When thinking about romantic movies for Valentine’s Day card inspiration, Moulin Rouge instantly comes to mind. And this card is the perfect way to showcase my favorite song from the movie, Come What May. For a musical, Moulin Rouge actually has very few original songs. Don’t get me wrong, I love, love all of the mashups, remixes, and new arrangements for all of the pop and rock songs they use, but Come What May just sums up the meaning behind the whole movie perfectly and beautifully. It’s just so darn romantic!

And in keeping with the lavish bohemian style of the movie, I wanted to incorporate many different elements and layers. I wanted it to be somewhat dark but also very metallic and sparkly, pretty but also bold. It was actually quite fun to “shop” through my paper crafting stash and choose all of the different embellishments, dies, stickers, stamps, ribbon, and paper. Yep, I used a little of everything for this romantic card!

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Moulin Rouge Inspired Valentine’s Day Card Materials

Moulin Rouge Inspired Valentine’s Day Card Steps

1: Cut a 6-inch by 12-inch piece of red cardstock. Use the scoring blade at the 6-inch mark so the card will fold in half to make a 6″ x 6″ card.

2: Use the scoring blade at the 6-inch mark so the card will fold in half to make a 6″ x 6″ card.

3: Cut a 6-inch by 6-inch piece of the gold paisley paper.

4: Open a new project in Cricut Design Space and add an image called “Circle Doily Pattern Overlay.” This image (and several other doily images) are available for free if you have Cricut Access. Resize the image to be slightly less than six inches. the red with glitter accent paper.

5: Cut the image out on your Cricut on the red with glitter accent paper.

6a: If you have a die cut/ embossing machine like the Cuttlebug or Gemini and a lacy border die, Cut a 6.25-inch by 2-inch piece of the black velvet paper and run it through to cut a pretty, black, lacy border. OR…

6b. If you prefer, you can cut this on your Cricut as well, though you may need to purchase the image “Purple Flourish Border” or a similar one in order to cut it. You’ll set this to cut 6 inches wide. (You can trim off any extra if needed.)

7: Okay, so I happened to have this vintage heart stamp and die set I got from the Anna Griffin collection but I couldn’t find it again to share a link. If you don’t happen to have a vintage heart stamp, vintage heart stickers are actually easier to find. But if you do have a similar set, cut a large enough piece of the gold vellum to fit your stamp. Stamp the heart onto the vellum and let it dry completely. (I’ve linked to some pretty gold embossed heart stickers above that I think would look very pretty for this card.)

8: Carefully place the small heart die over the stamped image and run it through your die cut machine, or you can just hand cut around it as well.

9: Cut a piece of black velvet paper big enough for the larger heart die and run it through the Cuttlebug. Or if you’re using a sticker or a different stamp set, just cut a piece of black velvet paper larger enough to peek out from behind your sticker or stamped image.

10: Cut 3, 7-inch strips of the black glitter ribbon.

11: It’s time for the card assembly! Use a paper tape runner to stick the gold paisley square to the front of the card.

12: Now stick the red doily image centered on top of that. I used the tape runner for the center and then a liquid adhesive for the more intricate areas.

13: Take the black velvet lacy piece and adhere it to the top of the card with the liquid adhesive.

14: Center and glue the gold letters onto the three strips of black velvet ribbon to spell the three words “come” “what” and “may.” Mine are already sticky, but I don’t trust it to hold onto the ribbon, so I used tacky glue.

15: Position the ribbon/ word strips at a slight angle on the front of the card. Glue the ribbon to the front of the card with the tacky glue. Glue Dots would work, too, but you need something strong.

16: Trim off the extra ribbon that’s hanging over the edge to match the angle of the card.

17: Now it’s embellishment time! Think of all of the fancy can-can costumes from the movie and add glitter swirl stickers and rhinestones wherever you like.

18: Stick the stamped heart image to the front of the black velvet heart piece with the tacky glue, then use a couple of the 3D foam dots to stick that to the front of the card.

Whew! I won’t say “that’s it” this time, lol. It may have taken several steps to make this Moulin Rouge Inspired Valentine’s Day Card but it was well worth it. I used black, red, and gold because those colors were used predominately throughout the movie and they just scream can-can and courtezan. I also wanted it to incorporate both the bohemian and Indian influences and the glitz and glam of the show. A flat card would have been too boring, so I had to make sure and make elements like the heart and especially the words pop off the card. What do you think? Does this card remind you of Moulin Rouge?

February 14th is definitely the time to pull out all the stops to make it a romantic day for your loved one and I think this Moulin Rouge Inspired Valentine’s Day Card is the perfect way to show them you love them, no matter what.

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