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I was so excited to use my leaf punches to make these Mini Fall Leaf Garland Napkin Rings. Since I used orange jute cord and more aged-looking paper, I think it gives these them a more rustic look. But, you could easily substitute shinier or glittered paper and gold or silver cord to create a completely different look, yet still have that delicate feel. They slide off of the napkins easily and since they are tied on, they can be easily adaptable to any sized napkins, including paper napkins.

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Mini Fall Leaf Garland Napkin Rings Craft Tutorial for your Thanksgiving Table

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Mini Fall Leaf Garland Napkin Rings




one: Use the paper trimmer to cut strips wide enough to accommodate your punches. I cut mine to 1.5 inches.



two: Punch a variety of color and leaf combinations. I punched eight leaves total. You may have to vary that depending on your punch size.



three: Punch a small hole in the center of each leaf. Make sure not to use the standard-sized hole punch, it’ll be too large.


four: Cut a 12-inch length of jute cord.


five: Thread each leaf onto the jute cord, alternating colors and leaf shapes.



six: Tie the jute cord into a double knot on the back of the napkin. You can space out the leaves to your liking.


Easy Peasy! I think these Mini Fall Leaf Garland Napkin Rings look so delicate and pretty, yet they are simple to make. They’re also easily customizable to adapt to your personal tastes as well as to which supplies you have on hand. I love when I don’t have to go out and buy extra supplies for crafts and this is definitely one of those crafts that’s ideal for using up those paper scraps we all have. Also, since the cost is low, you don’t have to worry about them being thrown out.


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