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I never realized how many cute ideas could come from a mini bow and arrow set. They can be used for Cupid’s bow and arrow for Valentine’s Day, an Indian bow and arrow, or Green Arrow/Hawkeye’s for a superhero party! For Drew’s Lord of the Rings birthday, all the kids got to decorate a mini bow and arrow, to resemble Legolas’. I didn’t anticipate how much the kids would like them. A year later, I have kids tell me they still have theirs! These simple Mini Bow and Arrow Favors take little effort and are super cheap to make. They average only about ten cents a set!!

Mini Bow and Arrow Favors craft tutorial party favors


  • 1-Craft matchsticks
  • 1- Craft Skill sticks
  • 6″ pc Embroidery Floss (color of your choice)
  • 3 -Clothespins
  • Thick Plastic Cups with Diameter Between 3 & 4 Inches
  • Bowl
  • Water
  • Scissors


  • Feathers
  • Markers
  • Paint
  • Glue

Mini Bow and Arrow Materials


Step 1: Soak the craft sticks in water over night. The water will turn brown.

Soak sticks

Step 2: Slightly bend the tip of the stick until it gives a little.

TIP: Don’t bend it too hard or fast or the wood will splinter, making it more susceptible to breaking when in use.

Step 3: Take the stick and curve it to the inside of the cup and secure with clothespins.

Mini Bow and Arrow Step 3

TIP: You can usually fit two sticks per cup. And if the cup is losing its natural form place another cup inside of it.

Step 4: Let the stick dry completely in the cup and remove when dry.

Mini Bow and Arrow Step 3BStep 5: Cut a 6-inch length of embroidery floss. Tie one end of the string onto the first notch using a square knot. Pull it snug.

Mini Bow and Arrow Step 5B

Step 6: Pull the string to the opposite end and wrap around the first notch. Pull snug to add tension to the string.

Mini Bow and Arrow Step 5

TIP: You should be able to hear the string when you flick it.

Mini Bow and Arrow Step 6

Step 7: While holding the string in place with your fingers, secure the string to the stick with another square knot.

Mini Bow and Arrow Complete

Step 6: (Optional) Decorate the bow and arrow.

Mini Bow and Arrow Step 8

Here’s our Periscope video that shows how to make these Mini Bow and Arrow Favors:

We would love to see how you used your Mini Bow and Arrow Favors!

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Be Inspired!

Valentine Mini Bow and Arrow

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