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The theme for August’s Movie Monday Challenge is “school movies” and we got to choose which movie we wanted as our inspiration. My very first thought was Tina Fey’s hilarious Mean Girls. That movie is loaded with pop culture references and so many fun quotes it was hard to choose just one. I was tempted to make something pink for “on Wednesdays we wear pink,” or even a fun mug saying “that’s so fetch!” But ultimately, one of my favorite quotes (besides, “Boo, you whore!”) won out. For my Mean Girls Inspired Shopping Tote I, of course, chose “Get in Loser. We’re going shopping!”

I used my Cricut Machine and some very cool foil heat transfer vinyl to make the wording, but you could easily make this with some of the amazing choices they have in iron-on letters. You can even find shopping totes in other colors or make your own if you enjoy sewing, too. So many fun options! Let’s get started.

Mean Girls Inspired Shopping Tote DIY Craft Tutorial Using Cricut Iron-on Foil
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Mean Girls Inspired Shopping Tote


Mean Girls Inspired Shopping Tote Materials

Mean Girls Inspired Shopping Tote Steps

1. (Preheat your iron to the wool setting. ) Within Cricut’s Design Space, create a project and type the words “Get in Loser. We’re Going Shopping!” Select the “Lipstick Lettering” font from Cricut (you may need to purchase it for $4.99) or another font of your choice. Flip the text box horizontally so it’s the mirror image. You can also resize the image to whatever will work for your tote.

Mean Girls Inspired Shopping Tote Step 1

2. Place your foil iron-on sheet, shiny/ colored side down on your cutting mat. That’s right, it seems weird, but that’s the side you need to cut. After the Cricut cuts out your wording, cut them into three separate lines of text. This will make it easier for you to weed them, position them and iron them on.

Mean Girls Inspired Shopping Tote Step 2

3. Weed the wording strips carefully with your weeder tool. You will be weeding the white side, not the metallic side. The metallic side is actually covered in clear plastic.

Mean Girls Inspired Shopping Tote Step 3

4. One line at a time, iron the area of the tote first to prep it, then place the first line down, metallic side up. Hold the iron on the words for 30 seconds. I do it in two sections. Flip the tote over and open it so you can iron the back side of the wording for 25 seconds. Let it cool completely.

Mean Girls Inspired Shopping Tote Step 4

5. After it has cooled completely, carefully pull the clear plastic off. Repeat the process for all three lines.

Mean Girls Inspired Shopping Tote Step 5

That’s it. I’ll admit until I figured out the quirks of working with the iron-on foil, I wanted to burn it all, but once I got the hang of it, I am completely sold on how super cute it turns out. If you just want to use items you already have on hand, you could use the same general concept for a freezer paper or vinyl stencil and just use fabric paint or markers. You could also use different kinds of totes or even make your own. Truth be told, the foil would probably work much better on smoother fabric rather than this course canvas. How would you make yours?

Mean Girls Inspired Shopping Tote Complete

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